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6 July 2012

Due to the complete lack of Page Sponsorships, no issues of the Newsletters of Volume 4 will be open and free for download to ALL users. You will have to LOG ON to download the Newsletter yourself every week. Public Users will no longer have direct access to non-sponsored Newsletters, only Registered Users (which includes all PREMIUM MEMBERS as well).

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The cost of sponsoring a page is nominal, amounting to R300 ($45 or £30) per single page (there are 12 pages in every issue) for a period of two months, or across 8 issues! It gets sent out to every registered user, of which there are some 800 at the moment! This figure increases by between 30 and 60 new users every month.

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Total Newsletters of Volume 4 downloaded since 1 Jul 2012: 2150
War In Angola Newsletters Volume 4 - Download for Free!

Welcome to the FOURTH VOLUME of the War In Angola Newsletters. Coming In the next volume of 26 issues, look out for the following features:

  • We will continue the series of articles on OPERATION SAVANNAH; which will include the battles and clashes at Roçades, João de Almeida, Sá de Bandeira, Moçamedes, Luimbale, Caluita, and Catengue, and the exploits of Task Force Zulu and Battle Group Foxbat;
  • The series of articles on the political and military decisions around 11 November 1975 and Angolan independence will conclude with a revision of strategy, Dr Savimbi asking the RSA to remain in Angola, resulting in new aims being defined, and ending with the uncertain nature of secrecy;
  • We will look at the formal organisation of the SADF while involved in the Angolan conflict in 1975/76; starting with regional divisions, the forming of Task Force 101, logistics, support services, medical and chaplains services, intelligence, air defence, and the roles of the SA Air Force and SA Navy;
  • Featured Equipment will focus on artillery equipment used by both sides, including guns, howitzers, rocket launchers, and fire control systems;
  • Operation Sceptic will conclude over another 3 issues with “Winding down Operation Sceptic”;
  • The final extracts from the ‘Memoirs of a Russian Advisor’ will be featured of the set of 52 parts which started in the second volume;
  • We will start a series of 40 extracts made from Cuban General del Pino’s as yet unpublished book “Inside Castro’s Bunker”; featuring Chapter 6, “The African Adventure”, describing his experiences in Angola from 1975 to 1987;
  • A series of articles on Operations Tiro-A-Tiro (Savate), Meebos, Vastrap, Butterfly, Forte, Bravo, Bolson, Volcano and Jerry will be featured;
  • Danie Matthee’s series of Afrikaans articles on the experiences of army life will continue with “Ag man dit ‘WAS’ lekker in die Army”;
  • This past week: “Somewhere on the Border…” will feature related events of the week that occurred during the war, ranging back from as far back as 1926;
  • Unit Flashes with a short history following in the subsequent issue will continue;
  • The coming week’s military and military hobby related events will continue to be listed;
  • Special offers on books, models, posters, and other items of interest that you can order, may be featured every week;
  • The past week’s latest Forum posts will again be listed on the final page;
  • Separate articles from the WarBlogs as well as the War In Angola websites may be included on an ad-hoc basis;
  • Contributions made by members of the War In Angola website may also be considered for inclusion in future issues.


War In Angola Newsletters Volume 4 - Register & Download for Free!

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