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Operation Daisy
Operation Daisy: Composition of Force

Operation Daisy 




Operation Daisy — 1-17 November 1981

Battle Group 61

Commanding Officer, Commandant Roland de Vries, 61 Mech

2iC, Major Thys Rall, 61 Mech

COMCEN, Major Giel Reinecke, 61 Mech

Engineers, Major Taljaard, 25 Field Sqn

Protection Element

Mortar Platoon Commander, Major Kobus Smit, 1 SAI

Recovery (LWT), Sergeant-Major Doepies du Plessis, (8)


Combat Team 1

Commander, Major Leon Marais, 1 SAI

Forward Observation Officer, Major Roux, SAA (Fd)

Medical team

Light Workshop Team

Engineer Section 1, 25 Field Sqn

Mortar Group

Platoon 1: 4 x Ratel-20

Platoon 2: 4 x Ratel-20

Platoon 3: 4 x Ratel-20

Armoured Car Sqn

Commander: Captain F Schade,  2 SSB

Troop 1: 4 x Ratel-90

Troop 4: 4 x Ratel-90


Combat Team 2

Commander, Captain Koos Liebenberg, 1 SAI

Medical Team

Light Workshop Team

Engineer Section 2, 25 Field Sqn

Mortar Group

Platoon 1: 4 x Ratel-20

Platoon 2: 4 x Ratel-20

Platoon 3: 4 x Ratel-20

Anti-Tank Platoon: 8 x Ratel-90

Second Lieutenant Chris Walls, 1 SAI


Combat Team 3

Commander, Captain Pale van der Walt, 1 Parachute Battalion (5Ø)

Forward Observation Officer, Major Bosman SAA (Fd)

Medical Team

Light Workshop Team

Engineer Section 3, 25 Field Sqn

Platoon 1: 4 x Buffel

Platoon 2: 4 x Buffel

Platoon 3: 4 x Buffel



Battery Commander, Captain B.J.W. Pols, SAA (Fd)

Fire Coordination Centre, Commandant Rheeder, SAA (Fd)

Golf Troop: 4 x M5 120mm mortars

Hotel Troop: 4 x M5 120mm mortars



Log Commander, Major Anderson

Echelon Commander, AO1 M. Barnard

Engineer Section 4, 25 Field Sqn

Combat Team 1 Echelon

Combat Team 2 Echelon

Combat Team 3 Echelon

Artillery Echelon

Protection Element: 4 x Ratel-90s

Protection Section


32 Battalion

Recce Teams, Captain Willem Ratte

Echo Company (Buffels)

Engineer Section 5, 25 Field Sqn


201 Battalion

4 Recce Wing Tracker Groups of 5-6 men each

3 Tracker Companies (Alpha, Bravo(?) and Charlie) of 3 Trackers Teams each, each team with 3 Buffels and log vehicle)

Support Company

Light Workshop Troop

Engineer Section 6, 25 Field Sqn

Engineer Section 7, 25 Field Sqn


1 Parachute Battalion

1 Company (Air dropped)

3 Parachute Battalion

3 Companies (Air dropped)


5 Reconnaissance Regiment

Recce Teams, 51 Commando (Air dropped)


SA Air Force


Operational Headquarters, 10 FACP, Oshakati (X-Ray 2)

Commanding Officer, Colonel Holmes, OC

Forward Mobile Air Operations Team (MAOT) ZULU, Commandant D. Foote, OC


Air Support Operations:

ASO ALPHA, with 61 Mech, Major R. Penhall

ASO BRAVO, with 201 Bn, Captain H.P. Cook

ASO X-RAY  at HAA2, Major P.W.H. Coetzer


SAAF aircraft under command:

12 x Mirage F1 AZ

8 x Mirage F1 CZ

2 x Mirage R2Z

10 x Impala MKII (Day Ops)

4 x Impala MkII (Night Ops)

1 x Impala (Reconnaissance)

3 x Buccaneer

9 x Puma

10 x Alo IIl

2 x Super Frelon

9 x Bosbok

4 x Dakota

6 x C130/160

1 x DC-4 



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