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Operation Makalani, 1980

Operation Makalani On 20 February, Sector 10 headquarters issued Operational Order 2/80, authorising 52 Battalion and 32 Battalion to conduct an operation to clear the area north of Beacon 6 to Beacon 13 of SWAPO. From his tactical headquarters at Ogongo, Commandant Ferreira would command six platoons from 32's Bravo, Echo and Golf companies, consisting of 171 men; three companies from 52 Battalion totalling 277 men; two groups from 1 Parachute Battalion; and mine-laying and mine-locating teams from 25 Field Squadron. It was to be a seek-and-destroy operation, with 52 Battalion sweeping north from the border to an imaginary line called Bravo, moving east to west through Nepolo. The six platoons of 32 Battalion would sweep south from positions 45 km north of Cuamato to the Bravo line. In the second phase, 52 Battalion had to establish dominance of the area between the border and Bravo, while 32 Battalion conducted an east-west sweep to another imaginary line, Alpha.

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