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Angolan Sky
Places and Locations in Namibia and Angola

In order to be able to locate or identify places where battles, bases, air bases, etc. of the War In Angola occurred, I have added over 13,000 place names with coordinates in Namibia (the old South West Africa) and Angola, irrespective of whether it was used as a base or a battle/skirmish occurred. This is merely to identify known places on the ground using Google Maps and Google Earth technology and create a more interactive experience when reading the historical accounts and cross-referencing them on the maps, most of which are in Russian!.

Not only will the selected place be indicated in the Google Map and Google satellite image, users will also be able to place Facebook comments and share the pages with their friends.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT POSTING A FACEBOOK COMMENT WILL NOT NECESSARILY NOTIFY ANYONE THAT YOU HAD JUST MADE A POST! THESE COMMENTS ONLY DISPLAY TO USERS SUBSEQUENTLY LOOKING AT THAT SAME MAP. Should a subsequent user reply to your comment, you will be notified through the usual FB notifications of the fact. Do feel free to share specific places and locations with your friends and groups on Facebook, though...

No guarantee as to the accuracy and completeness of the data can be given, but it is hoped that in time much of it can be verified and complemented.

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