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South African Ordnance Services Corps - SAOSC

Fons Sine Qua Non - The Indispensable Fountain

Some Ordnance Service Units of the SADF
Members of the SA Ordnance Services Corps on the Roll of Honour
YearForce NumberRankNameDate Of DeathUnit
196965411548NTprPieterse H.E.1969/05/2284 Technical Stores Depot
197066269531PECplLatsky S.A.J.1970/02/151 Maintenance Unit
197068408459N Pte Goosen A.J. 1970/09/181 Air Depot
197101139013EMajLoubser J.W.A.1971/04/161 Maintenance Unit
1973PR89424 Pte Potgieter J.J. 1973/01/0786 Technical Stores Depot
197370525456NPteKruger J.M.1973/03/29 2 Mobilisation Centre
197371385405N Pte Theron H.C. 1973/05/151 Maintenance Unit
1975 Pte Kinnear H.P. 1975/02/031 Maintenance Unit
197572225709N Pte De Beer G.E.S. 1975/06/281 Maintenance Unit
1976 65540650PE Capt Greyvenstein F.J. 1976/02/2782 Technical Stores Depot
197673448136CplCoetzee H.J.S.1976/06/084 Maintenance Unit; Sector 70 Headquarters
197673570574BC Rfn Backhouse P.L. 1976/12/2416 Maintenance Unit
197674252131BNRfnVan der Westhuizen H.J.1976/12/2413 Maintenance Unit
197775342402BAPteParvess S.T.1977/01/211 Maintenance Unit
197773432007BTCplSteyn L.1977/01/2113 Maintenance Unit
197774251612BA Pte Lensley J.J. 1977/06/0116 Maintenance Unit
197705460308PECmdtVan Rooyen G.H.T.S.1977/10/20250 Air Supply Unit
197874562521BGPteDixon A.D.1978/04/2516 Maintenance Unit
197873310047BCTprBenade P.1978/05/1184 Technical Stores Depot
197876567023BGPteVan As J.D.O.1978/09/261 Maintenance Unit
197974229311BG Pte Mundy A. 1979/05/2416 Maintenance Unit
197977381051BG Rfn Odendaal D.C. 1979/10/3016 Maintenance Unit
198077473015BG L/Cpl Van der Walt H.J. 1980/08/1616 Maintenance Unit
19815100250PE WO1 Flemmer E.L. 1981/09/291 Air Depot
198178426566BGPteCoetzee J.P.1981/11/241 Maintenance Unit
198278445582BGPteRossouw D.J.J.1982/02/181 Maintenance Unit
198279322301BG Cpl Denner P.B.B. 1982/03/181 Maintenance Unit
198277489201BG Pte Lourens W.P. 1982/05/2586 Technical Stores Depot
198280536584BG Pte Crossland G.G. 1982/09/025 Maintenance Unit
198278464716BG Pte Groenewald H.L. 1982/09/025 Maintenance Unit
198280246093BG Pte O'Neill J.A. 1982/09/045 Maintenance Unit
198280554413BGPteVan Spronsen R.P.1982/09/055 Maintenance Unit
198380299613BGPteErasmus R.R.1983/02/235 Maintenance Unit
198380286958BGPteEngel P.C.1983/04/0516 Maintenance Unit
198376527571BT Lt Viljoen A. 1983/11/3030 Maintenance Unit
198483069864CKPteMatthee J.R.1984/07/2116 Maintenance Unit
198580461379BG Rfn Buijense J. 1985/08/27North West Command Maintenance Unit
198583508903BG Pte Whitaker, R.G. 1985/09/125 Maintenance Unit
198684517499BGPteMarx R.1986/02/041 Maintenance Unit
198682309808BGPteRetief D.J.1986/03/066 Maintenance Unit
198670440474PEWO1Cornelius F.P.J.1986/03/185 Maintenance Unit
198685224475BG Pte Sprowson S.A. 1986/09/0716 Maintenance Unit
198780521537BG Pte Fourie C.A. 1987/01/295 Maintenance Unit
198785074250BWPteJulies B.1987/04/305 Maintenance Unit
198785957013CKPteKoopman N.1987/04/305 Maintenance Unit
198785075992BWPteOosthuizen E.1987/04/305 Maintenance Unit
198785332369BG Pte Naude A.J. 1987/09/251 Maintenance Unit
198781093031BTPteSchoenfeldt B.J.1987/10/0916 Maintenance Unit
198785314953BG Pte Van Niekerk A.J. 1987/12/261 Maintenance Unit
198886278504BGPteBeneke C.J.1988/03/131 Maintenance Unit
198882342627BGPtePrinsloo A.P.1988/05/2016 Maintenance Unit
198883071126BWPteSteyn A.1988/10/036 Maintenance Unit
198885324069BGPteLubbe A.1988/11/171 Maintenance Unit
198887074357CK Pte Marloh J. 1988/11/206 Maintenance Unit
198887074654CK Pte Nelson R.I. 1988/11/206 Maintenance Unit
198887074423CK Pte Swartz N. 1988/11/206 Maintenance Unit
198887073862BG Pte Janse J. 1988/12/136 Maintenance Unit
198986274743BGPteMackenzie C.D.1989/06/121 Maintenance Unit
198983713875PEWO1Coetzee J.P.1989/07/1116 Maintenance Unit
198986640760PEPteDe Klerk J.G.1989/07/265 Maintenance Unit
199085543981BGPteVan Rooyen R.1990/12/11Ordnance Services School

Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET

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