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Operation Yahoo, 1982: Sequence of Events

Operation YahooWest

The exact route used by the terrorists for infiltration is unknown. Is can be assumed that they slipped in north of the Wild Reserve while the Security forces were conducting a high density intelligence operation in the area. It appears that they infiltrated the surveyed farming area shortly after this operation was completed.

On 30 April 1982, 5 terrorists were noticed on the farm Bakenkop. A follow-up was launched and 4 terrorists, which included Kilimandjaro, the platoon commander, were killed. The remaining terrorists fled in a northern direction and the tracks were lost in the Wild Reserve....


On 13 April 1982 the monitoring effort on the cutlines were intensified.

At 21h30 on 14 April a group of tracks were noticed crossing the B-cut line.

On 15 April an investigative team was tasked to confirm the crossing and they found 5 vehicle mines and 3 anti-personnel mines at the scene. In the same area vehicle ambush positions were found as well as a big group of tracks (between 30 and 50) going north....



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