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SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOURED VEHICLES: A History of Innovation and Excellence, by Dr Dewald Venter

SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOURED VEHICLES: A History of Innovation and Excellence
During the Cold War, Africa became a prime location for proxy wars between the East and the West. Against the backdrop of a steep rise in liberation movements backed by Eastern Bloc communist countries such as Cuba and the Soviet Union, southern Africa saw one of the most intense wars ever fought on the continent.
Subjected to international sanctions due to its policies of ra...
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Building Bridges. Namibian Nationalists Clemens Kapuuo, Hosea Kutako, Brendan Simbwaye, Samuel Witbooi, by Israel Goldblatt

Windhoek in the early 1960s: the 34-year-old politician Clemens Kapuuo knocks at the door of the senior advocate Israel Goldblatt to solicit advice regarding the myriad of difficulties encountered by Africans daily under the apartheid regime. An unusual relationship and friendship develops, one that transcends the racial divide in this South African-governed Territory and will last for nearly 10 years. Meeting in Goldblatt's chambers, at his home and in the Old Location, other participants in th...
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Onvertelde verhale van SAKK soldate, deur William Sam

In my eerste boek getiteld, My loopbaan as bruin soldaat, praat ek van die oorlog in Ovomboland wat jo agtervolg soos jou skaduwee, oral waar jy is, is die stories ook. Maar ek het gedink dis net met my wat dit gebeur het, tot ek die boek getitel: Onvertelde verhale van SAKK soldate begin skryf het en ontdek dat dit presies dieselfde met diegene is wat ek mee onderhoude gevoer het. Daar was tye dat ons saam gehuil het, saam gelag het maar ook tye dat daar net n doodste stilte tussen ons was. Bai...
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Buffalo Battalion: South Africa's 32 Battalion - A Tale of Sacrifice, by LJ Bothma

By August 1974 the Portuguese had all but abandoned Angola, its erstwhile colony, and there was a fear in both the Intelligence services of South Africa and America that the country was likely to fall the hands of the MPLA, generally regarded as a Soviet surrogate. It was that fear that triggered the training by South Africa of guerrilla groups opposed to MPLA. One group of FNLA guerrillas trained by Recce Colonel Jan Breytenbach, later known as Bravo Group, was re-infiltrated back into Angola a...
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Soldaat en mens. by General Georg Meiring

Soldaat en Mens- General Georg Meiring’s autobiography now available.

I am extremely excited and honoured to announce that South African(National) Defence Force Chief, General Georg Meiring’s autobiography is now available.

“Soldaat en mens” is the personal story of a remarkable life in service of South Africa. General Meiring played a crucial role in South Africa’s attempt to stop Soviet expansion and in the post Cold War South Africa. We now have a chance to view ...
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Simon’s Town Dockyard - The First Hundred Years.,

Provides a comprehensive history of the East Dockyard at Simon's Town and it's influence on the town that was erected around it.

Title: Simon's Town Dockyard: The First Hundred Years
Contributors: Simon's Town Historical Society, Naval Heritage Society of South Africa
Publisher: Simon's Town Historical Society and the South African Naval Heritage Trust, 2010
ISBN: 0620479329, 9780620479325
Length: 250 pages

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Move The Border: A History of the Greatest Battles of the Angolan Border War 1966-1989, by Marius Scheepers

An account which strives to place the war which South Africa fought in Angola in a historically meaningful perspective. Although the conflict initially centered on the opposing agendas of the SADF and People’s Liberation Army of Namibia of SWAPO, it was to escalate and take on an international Cold War character as Angolan, Cuban, and Soviet protagonists appeared on the stage of the unfolding drama. Apart from the political resolution which was subsequently achieved in South Africa, the war repr...
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Border War in Angola Ruacana: The Unnecessary War (English), by Mario Riva Morales

Paperback - February 14, 2020

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Die SAW en Cuito Cuanavale: 'n Taktiese en Strategiese Analise, deur Leopold Scholtz

Dit gebeur dikwels dat ’n skietoorlog deur ’n tweede oorlog gevolg word. Dié oorlog word nie met ammunisie of kartetse gevoer of met tenks en bomwerpers nie, maar met woorde. Die oorlog word as ’t ware op papier oorgeveg.”
In 1987–1988 was die stowwerige Angolese dorpie Cuito Cuanavale die toneel van die laaste gevegte van die Grensoorlog. Sedertdien is dit die fokuspunt van ’n openbare debat oor wie eintlik hierdie oorlog gewen het.
Die leierskorps van die Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag (SA...
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War of Intervention in Angola - Volume 2: Angolan and Cuban Forces at War, 1976-1983, by Adrien Fontanellaz

As of mid-1976, the civil war in Angola was seemingly decided: supported by a large contingent of Cuban forces, the MPLA established itself in power in Luanda. Its native competitors, the US-French-Zaire-supported FNLA, and UNITA, supported by China and South Africa, were in tatters. The French and Zaire-supported FLEC an armed movement for the independence of the oil-rich Cabinda enclave was in disarray. The last few of their surviving units were either driven ...
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Semper prorsum: Regiment Mooirivier, 1954-2001, by Front Cover Gerhardus Johannes Jakobus Oosthuizen

Title: Semper prorsum: Regiment Mooirivier, 1954-2001
Author: Gerhardus Johannes Jakobus Oosthuizen
Publisher: Ons Drukkers, 2003
Length: 182 pages

No further information available...

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Pik Botha en sy Tyd, deur Theresa Papenfus

Dis ’n belangrike boek oor die oorgangspolitiek in Suider-Afrika. Dit fokus op die rol wat ’n enkele persoon – Pik Botha – as deelnemer gespeel het oor ’n tydperk van meer as vyf dekades.

Meer oor die Skrywer:
Theresa Papenfus is ’n gebore Bolander en het op Worcester gematrikuleer. Ná haar studies in tale aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch is sy in 1975 as verslaggeefster by Beeld in Pretoria aangestel.

“… a page-turner …. Certainly one of the most fasc...
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Die nuwe boek van Paul J. Els ‘ONS WAS DAAR WALVISBAAI’ is nou beskikbaar vanaf

Die boek is A4 met fotos, wat die stories van die SAW en SAP in Walvisbaai vertel. Dit gee persoonlike stories en fotos en kortliks iets van permanente eenhede wat daar was.

The new book by Paul J Els ‘Ons was daar Walvisbaai’ is now available from

The book is A4 in Afrikaans with stories and photos of the SADF and SAP in Walvis Bay....
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Enciclopédia da Aviação Militar Angolana 1975 - 1991, by Humberto Campos Abrantes

Prezados Amigos
Finalmente a minha obra sobre a aviação militar angolana referente ao período de 1975 -1991 está prestes a sair.
Todos quantos se julgam interessados por estas matérias, bem como quem queira conhecer a realidade dos factos históricos que envolveram o conflito armado angolano, devem pesquisar esta obra que é uma mais valia a ter em conta, sobretudo para os estudiosos da matéria da aviação.
Brevemente a obra será lançada e poderá ser adquirida na editora de autor ...
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Southern African Political History: A Chronology of Key Political Events from Independence to Mid-1997.

By Jacqueline Audrey by Jacqueline Audrey Kalley, Elna Schoeman, Lydia Eve Andor
Published by Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999 - History - 904 pages
An area in the midst of deep change, Southern Africa was in turmoil a short decade ago, its politics framed by white versus black, colonialism versus decolonialism, majority rule versus minority rights. With new political discourses beginning in the early 1990s, the mood today is one of interdependencies between the SADC member countries....
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HOSTAGE, by Glen Dixon, as told to Anthony Mockler

Story of the author's capture and escape from rebel forces in Angola.
Pp. 190, 8 plates; dust wrapper; Columbus Books, London, 1986. First U.K. edition.

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Buccaneers of 24 Squadron. Book 3 - The New Era, by Johan Conradie

The stock of the third book in the series Buccaneers of 24 Squadron - The new era has finally arrived and is available. Should you wish to place an order, please click on the web link below to place your order.
This is the ‘concise’ (561 page) story of the Buccaneer aircraft in service with 24 Squadron. The period covered by this book is from 1976 to 1984. This was the beginning of the new era with the 600 series modified Buccaneers entering service. During this period the Buccaneer went to...
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Buccaneers of 24 Squadron. Book 2 - The First Ten Years, by Johan Conradie

This is the concise story of the first ten years of service from 1966 to 1975 of the Buccaneer aircraft of 24 Squadron including all the tragic aircraft losses during this period, the Tip-to-Top race, sinking of the Wafra, Operation RSA-10 and the beginning of the Hanto bomb project.
Col Simon van Garderen (Retired) Ex Officer Commanding 24 Squadron writes:
"What a privilege it was to be a member of our illustrious Squadron!
“Dulcum et decorum est pro Patria mori,” says the Latin...
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Light Aircraft in SAAF Service. Volume 2. A Pictorial History 1945 - 2018, by Winston Brent

From Winston Brent: Ladies and Gents, The manuscript of Vol 2 of my "Light Aircraft in SAAF Service" - is at the printers to process. I expect to be able to PostNet or send via Courier Guy by last week of November, in time for your "from Dad to Dad" Christmas gift to be placed under the Christmas Tree. 240 A4 pages on gloss paper in full colour. Price R420 + PostNet or even Courier Guy.

Source: Facebook: Winston Brent‎ > SADF & Southern Africa Military History Books...
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Angola (1988), Board game by Phil Kendall

Angola recreates a brief portion of the violent, decades-long Angolan civil war that began in the 1970s with the fall of a colonial power and dragged its bloody way into the 21st century thanks in part to cold war politics.

Angola is a multi-player game in which players control the various Soviet- and US-backed factions that vied for control of Angola from 1975 to 1976. Originally released in limited quantities by Ragnar Brothers of the UK, Angola quickly became a rare and highly soug...
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Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET


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