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Jonas Savimbi - No lado errado da História, Emídio Fernando

Biografia de Savimbi no momento em que se assinalam dez anos da sua morte. «Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, aos 32 anos, atingia a sua grande e almejada glória ao ser eleito, por unanimidade e aclamação, presidente de uma nova organização política, precisamente na mesma região onde viria a ser abatido 36 anos depois. Mais tarde, assumia que a ideia, de criar um novo movimento, nascera em Champaix, uma vila na Suíça, em conversas com Tony da Costa Fernandes e cujos estatutos começaram a ser redigidos por...
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War of Intervention in Angola, Volume 3: Angolan and Cuban Air Forces, 1975-1989 (Africa@War), by Adrien Fontanellaz, José Matos, Tom Cooper

War of Intervention in Angola, Volume 3 covers the air warfare during the II Angolan War – fought 1975-1992 – through narrating the emergence and operational history of the Angolan Air Force and Air Defence Force (FAPA/DAA) as told by Angolan and Cuban sources.

Most accounts of this conflict – better known in the West as the ‘Border War’ or the ‘Bush War’, as named by its South African participants – tend to find the operations by the FAPA/DAA barely worth mentioning. A handful of...
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The Paras: Portugal’s First Elite Force in Africa, 1961-1974 (Africa@War) , by John P. Cann (Author)

Portuguese paratroopers or “paras” began as a stepchild of the army and found a home in the Portuguese Air Force in 1955. Initially, the post-World War Two Portuguese Army seemed to have had mixed emotions about the need for elite, special-purpose forces that operated in small units with the attendant flexibility and elevated lethality. Shock troops have been traditionally controversial, and even the vaunted military theorist Baron Karl von Clausewitz saw little point in them. The history of the...
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DIE SUID-AFRIKAANSE LEËR-GEVEGSKOOL. Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling 1978 tot 1996, deur Dr Kriek van der Merwe

No information available yet......
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SPECIAL FORCES: The Men Speak, by Jonathan Pittaway & Douw Steyn

True to the nature of Special Forces, the South African Recces started small but had a big impact. This iconic group went on to gain international renown as one of the world’s finest, focusing on counter-insurgency, strategic reconnaissance, sabotage and direct action.
SASF SPECIAL FORCES provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous group as told by the men on the ground. This unique historical record features:
10 chapters
Covering WWII, 60s, 70s, 80s...
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In Different Times : The War of Southern Africa, 1966-1989, by I.J. van der Waag and A.M. Grundlingh (Editors))

African Military Studies; volume 2
2019, Stellenbosch, SUN PReSS
This is the first attempt to bring together diverse scholars, using different lenses, to study South Africa’s Border War. As a book, it is critical in approach, provides deeper reflection, and focuses specifically on the SADF experience of the war. The result is a more complex picture of the war’s dynamics and its legacies. Although South Africa is a vastly different country today, the study of the Border War opens a rang...
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Baanbreek In Die Bos, deur Annie Buitendag

Softcover edition written by Annie Buitendag describing the experiences of an Army wife, published 2010 and now unavailable. 113 pages with photographs.

Synopsis (in Afrikaans):
"Die outeur is 'n gebore Vrystater, die jongste van ses. Haar grootwordjare was in Potchefstroom, waar die Infanteris later in die prentjie gekom het. Die verbintenis het in 1967 plaasgevind, feitlik dieslfde tyd wat die grensoorlog begin het.

In so 'n huwelik in baie alleentye: Grensdiens, el...
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Apartheid Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit, by Hennie van Vuuren

In its last decades, the apartheid regime was confronted with an existential threat. While internal resistance to the last whites-only government grew, mandatory international sanctions prohibited sales of strategic goods and arms to South Africa. To counter this, a global covert network of nearly fifty countries was built. In complete secrecy, allies in corporations, banks, governments and intelligence agencies across the world helped illegally supply guns and move cash in one of history's bigg...
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The Use of Surrogates in Southern Africa (1975-1989), MAJ Joseph E. Escandon

An excellent Academic Study the use and effectiveness of surrogates at the tactical and strategic level.
You probably heard of the Bush War, with tactical victories of the Rhodesians and South Africans against communist forces in Southern Africa until collapsing, if you never heard of this check youtube to familiarize yourself with the conflict.
The book studies how both country created each of it surrogate Black African Forces, 32 Battalion Buffalos "os Terriveis" and Selous Scout, no...
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Negotiating the Freedom of Namibia, by Hans-Joachim Vergau

At the beginning of 1977, several members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council prepared a joint diplomatic initiative to resolve the deadlock over South Africa's illegal occupation of Namibia. In this book, Hans-Joachim Vergau, a key participant in the ensuing negotiations, analyses the multifaceted political and diplomatic developments - as well as dramatic setbacks - that followed the initiative. "This book provides a precise view of the long diplomatic struggle to achieve Namibia's ind...
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Border War in Angola Ruacana: The Unnecessary War - Review

The book is not an historical study based on all the information we know, it is the personal account of one man participation in the Cuban intervention in Angola, from things he had direct knowledge of and doesn't indulge in retroactive hindsight, that is to use current information to change his story. Some people might see this as a problem but this actually makes this book a valuable first hand account of what was like to be a Cuban Soldier in Angola at that time and to understand Angola, and ...
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Young's Field: A History of the Anti-Aircraft School, by Lionel Crook

Title: Young's Field: A History of the Anti-Aircraft School
Author: Lionel Crook
Publisher: Anti-Aircraft School/10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 1991
Length: 101 pages
ISBN-10 : 0620155728
ISBN-13 : 978-0620155724
Publisher : Thorold's Africana Books [distributor] (January 1, 1991)
Language: : English

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Abe Ons Eerste, deur Abraham Bengell

Oom Abe was die laaste rsm van 55 Bn Nepara. Hy was ook die eerste gekleurde RSM van n grens basis. Oom Abe het nog n paar van sy boeke oor. Laat weet wie stel belang. Ek hanteer net die ad vir hom. Alle betalings geskied direk na sy bank rekening. Postage for buyer.
Cheers, Charl Parkin.

Kontak Charl by
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Cuba and Africa, 1959–1994, Edited by Adrien Delmas, Giulia Bonacci, Kali Argyriadis

This collection provides an understanding and an explanation of Cuba’s interaction with Africa between 1959 and 1994, beginning with the Cuban Revolution and ending with South Africa’s democratic election. Excitingly, these essays reflect understandings of the Cuba–African nexus from a range of disciplinary nodes. This is interdisciplinary scholarship in a real and symbolic way – and at its most interesting too.
— Peter Vale, Senior Fellow, Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, Univer...
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Ovamboland & Die Kaokoveld 1850-1990, deur Lukas de Waal

The book covers the history of Ovamboland and the Kaokoveld (Sector 10) from 1850 to 1990 and the involvement of the government- and other officials who worked in Ovamboland and the Kaokoveld and also includes the Etosha Game Reserve. It begins when the first white people made contact with the Ovambo's in the Ondonga tribal area just after 1850, then briefly about the Finnish Mission since 1870, the cruel kings and chiefs of the past and how they ruled. The history of the first whites appointed ...
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Boys at War. Diary of SA’s Operation Savannah 1975 – 1976, by Paul Els

Following the Korean War, the next armed conflict to involve South African military forces was against Soviet, Cuban and Angolan forces – the SADF’s Operation Savannah in Angola. This resulted from the communist-inspired coup d’état in Portugal and the Soviet Union’s attempt, using Cuban surrogate forces, to annex Angola and to threaten South Africa’s national security. Teenaged boys doing their national service played a major role in this conflict. They and their young commanders, emerging vict...
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BattleFront Namibia, by John Ya-Otto, Ole Gjerstad and Michael Mercer

BattleFront Namibia - An Autobiography by John Ya-Otto, Ole Gjerstad and Michael Mercer

Author: John Ya-Otto, Ole Gjerstad and Michael Mercer
Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books
Date of Publication: 1982
Place of Publication: United States
Copyright: 1981 John Ya-Otto
ISBN: 978-0882081328

Registered users that are logged in are welcome to download the relevant document "Battlefront Namibia. An Autobiography by John Ya-Otto...
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CHALLENGE. Southern Africa within the African Revolutionary Context, by Al J. Venter

Southern Africa within the African Revolutionary Context. 526 pages with index and HUGE amount of photographs from one of the world's ultimate war correspondents. First edition hardcover published by Ashanti, 1989. Still an excellent reference.

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Option for the Sword: N.A. by Pedro Marangoni, Translated by Robert Anderson

An anti communist fighter involved in the Portuguese wars to save Angola and Mozambique from communist takeover in the 1970's, Rhodesia Special Branch, French and Spanish Foreign Legion,and lots of action.
At the beginning of the 1970's, we had two clear and opposing policy options. I chose the one that best represented the way of life I inherited from my ancestors, who helped, with the freedom of democracy, to build a Civilization that gave everyone the opportunity to work, not the forced ...
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SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOURED VEHICLES: A History of Innovation and Excellence, by Dr Dewald Venter

SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOURED VEHICLES: A History of Innovation and Excellence
During the Cold War, Africa became a prime location for proxy wars between the East and the West. Against the backdrop of a steep rise in liberation movements backed by Eastern Bloc communist countries such as Cuba and the Soviet Union, southern Africa saw one of the most intense wars ever fought on the continent.
Subjected to international sanctions due to its policies of ra...
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