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Operation Tiro-A-Tiro, 1980: Finding Savate

Operation Tiro-a-TiroInstead of being dropped off north-west of Savate, Senhor Lobbs had led the teams to a point south-west of the target. The unsuspecting recces had then rowed approximately nine kilometres downstream, arriving at the long-abandoned town of Pande, some 20 km south of Savate.

But the attack was scheduled for 21 May, and ground reconnaissance was vital, so at 23h00 on 19 May the teams slipped their kayaks back into the water and spent the entire night rowing upstream, negotiating a dangerous stretch of rapids into the bargain, finally reaching the outskirts of Savate just before first light. While laid up on the east bank, they constantly heard vehicle movement to the north, confirming that both the town and the base were still occupied.

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