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Operation Sceptic: The attack on Smokeshell, Part 4

Operation ScepticExtracts made from the reports on Operation Sceptic by the Commanding Officer of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group, Commandant Dippenaar:

The day after the battle group returned to Malemba (that is 15 June 1980), vehicles were repaired and by the evening all vehicles, with the exception of two, were serviceable.

Initially it was planned that the battle group was to stay at Malemba to perform protection tasks while Combat Team 1 was to prepare to join Battle Group 53 for the operation at Chitumba. The fact that SWAPO was approaching from Lubango with a conventional force forced upper command to modify their plan. On 15 June 1980 new orders were issued. In the place of Combat Team 1, Combat Team 3 of Captain Jacobs had to get ready to move out by 15h00 to join Battle Group 53 in the capture of the Efito-base, followed by Chitumba. In the meantime Battle Group 61 would have to capture SWAPO’s hospital complex at the Omanhede-base located between Ongiva and Anhanca.

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