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Operation Sceptic: Starting to wind up the operation

Operation ScepticThe Voorloper led the advance of the force further southward towards the objective at Omanhede. The battle group was halted about three kilometres to the west of the Ongiva-Anhanca road (the so-called white road) while waiting for further orders from higher headquarters. Because he did not want to be subject to enemy fire from Ongiva during the night, Commandant Dippenaar moved the force about eight kilometres east of Ongiva.

After a very tedious replenishment, the advance was resumed at 11h00 on 18 June 1980. It was Commandant Dippenaar’s birthday! They moved northward with the road and at a stage they had to await the arrival of the prisoner who was to lead the force to the Omanhede targets. At around 14h00 the Omanhede objective was reached but found abandoned.

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