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Operation Meebos, 1982: Disaster!

Operation Meebos We reconnoitred possible killing sites along the road and then deployed 61 Mech in an attacking position approximately 5km away from the road. The 120mm mortars were positioned to give indirect fire support in case of an attack by us on enemy travelling on the road in any direction. Listening posts were set up to the north and the south alongside the road to give early warnings of possible enemy movements. Foot patrols were duly sent out to screen our environment.

While we waited patiently and at times not too patiently for enemy developments, the troops did maintenance chores on their vehicles and other equipment. In-between we rested, enjoying a few calm days in the bush. We were ready for our next ambush, this time it would be a mobile one we surmised. Where are you enemy, what are you planning, what are your next moves?

We were given clear instructions by the TAC HQ that we were not to attack FAPLA unless we received authorisation from higher up. Yes sir! Noted…

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