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Monte Belo and Sousa Lara occupied

After the battle, Battle Group Foxbat slowly advanced further while searching the area, in the process capturing another 50 or so MPLA-members. At Monte Belo, barely 20 kilometres further, a platoon of FAPLA infantry resisted vehemently for a short period, before fleeing. Here the battle group spent the night as well as the next day, 4 November 1975, while recovering the captured weapons of the previous day. They cautiously started to advance further on 5 November. Major Holtzhausen was acutely aware that they were penetrating deeper into enemy territory, and further away from the relative safety of Nova Lisboa and Silva Porto. He continually took measures to counter possible attacks on either flank or rear.

At a road-junction about 20 kilometres before Sousa Lara they encountered a number of MPLA refugees from Cubal, which had been captured by Task Force Zulu the day before after a brief clash.

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