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Who's Who In and During the War In Angola

The Who's Who In and During the War In Angola represents an extensive project that I had undertaken which is fast growing into a 'Mini Encyclopedia' of people and role players during and in the War In Angola. The complete list as it stands is only available to PREMIUM MEMBERS ON REQUEST at this time, but I have given REGISTERED USERS access to the alphabetical lists and the Search functionality.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A LONG TERM WORK IN PROGRESS WHICH MAY NEVER ACTUALLY BE FULLY COMPLETE! Your help in getting this information recorded here will be much appreciated! Please feel free to post comments.

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A Sample Selection from the Who's Who Database
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Richardson, G.F., Lieutenant Colonel
Officer Commanding 1 South West Africa Infantry Battalion (later re-established as Regiment Windhoek) from 1 January 1946 to 31 December 1951

South Africa
Robinson, Charles W.
 Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs from January 1975 until April 1976; Deputy Secretary of State from April 1976 to January 1977

Riley, William James, Warrant Officer 2nd Class
of the South African Air Force, recipient of the AIR FORCE CROSS (CA) in 1991

South Africa
Robberts, P.P., Captain
Staff Officer of the Commanding Western Transvaal Command in 1970

South Africa
Rutsch, M.E., (SAAF), Major
Officer of the General Service Branch (Pilots and Navigators) of the South African Air Force, promoted to the substantive rank of Major with effect from 1 October 1971

South Africa
Raubenheimer, B.S., Lieutenant General
Chief of Staff Finances of the South African Defence Force from 1 December 1993 until 27 April 1994

South Africa
Roodt, P.J., Commandant
Officer Commanding Roodepoort Commando, at Roodepoort, Johannesburg, from around the early/mid 1980s to mid/late 1980s

South Africa
Retief, J.F. (Johan), Rear Admiral SD & Bar PG SM MMM
Inspector General of the South African Navy (SANDF) from 30 April 1996 to 31 October 2000

South Africa
Rossouw, A.J., Commandant
Officer Commanding 2 Field Engineer Regiment in 1989

South Africa
Rademeyer, Captain
Company Commander of 906 Special Services Company, at Omahoni, in 1985

South Africa
Rautenbach, Staff Sergeant
Company Sergeant-Major of 906 Special Services Company, at Omahoni, from 1986 to 1987

South Africa
Renken, J.K., Commandant
Officer Commanding Durban North Commando, at Mount Edgecombe, from 1952 to 1962

South Africa
Rendall, C.S., VD, Lieutenant Colonel
Officer Commanding Transvaal Scottish Regiment from 1925 to 1929

South Africa
Rosser, R.G., MC, Major
Officer Commanding 3 Transvaal Scottish Regiment from 1941 to 1942

South Africa
Reis, A.J., Corporal
A Sapper of the SA Engineer Corps and member of 46 Survey Squadron in 1989

Ricketts, L.C., Corporal
A Sapper of the SA Engineer Corps and member of 46 Survey Squadron in 1989

Riddin, K.C., Warrant Officer 2nd Class
Course/Company Sergeant Major at the Regimental Training Branch of the SA Intelligence School in 1986

South Africa
Reiche, V.H.E., VD, Lieutenant Colonel
Officer Commanding Umvoti Mounted Rifles from 1946 to 1947

South Africa
Renaud, P.G., MMM JCD, Warrant Officer 1st Class
Regimental Sergeant Major of the Umvoti Mounted Rifles from 1955 to 1984

South Africa
Renaud, P.G., MMM JCD, Warrant Officer 1st Class
Regimental Sergeant Major of the Umvoti Mounted Rifles (UMR) from 1988 to 1995

South Africa

Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 22 May


If you would like to add persons involved or referenced in the War in Angola who may not already be in the database, please do add them here and upload a photo of the person, if at all possible! Please include his/her Surname, Initials (or full names), Nickname(s), Rank (as applicable for this entry), Position (e.g. Officer Commanding, etc.), the Unit /Formation /Service /Branch /Division he/she held the position in, and the Date From and Date To applicable (or at least the years the person was in this position). A short biography is also in order if that is available, as well as any links to pages where more information can be found.

Add your suggestions for additional persons involved in the War In Angola here...
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 17 August


I just heard that RSM Röhrbeck died at 1pm today [17 Aug 2016]. I never personally met him or knew him, because I was an Artillerist (Gunner), but his reputation as an armour soldier preceded him! Rest In Peace, RSM...
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 23 January

Gerhardt, Dieter "Felix", Commodore:

Posted with permission from the South African Legion:
Dieter Gerhardt - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier ... SPY!!! School is still out in veteran circles as to reconciliation on his actions selling British and South African Naval intelligence to the Soviet Union during the Cold War – many still grappling with the enormity of what he did and the damage it caused both the United Kingdom and, more specifically, South Africa.
What is still a little unclear to many is the motive, was it pure money, or as he claimed in his defence, was it his father’s strong pro Nazi standpoint and membership of the Ossewabrandwag during WW2 along with a fierce socialisation and upbringing in highly conservative Afrikaner Nationalist values that drove him at a young age to embrace Communism and the Anti-Apartheid struggle?
For those not familiar with South Africa’s biggest and most damaging military leak, Dieter Gerhardt reads like a John Le Carre novel – you just can’t make this stuff up.
Dieter Gerhardt is a former Commodore in the South African Navy and commander of the strategic Simon's Town naval dockyard. He was arrested by the FBI in New York City in 1983 following information obtained from a Soviet defector. He was convicted of high treason as a Soviet spy in South Africa together with his second wife, Ruth, who had acted as his courier. Both were released prior to the change of government following the 1994 general election.
Born November 1, 1935, Gerhardt joined the South African Navy after his father successfully persuaded naval chief Hugo Biermann to take the troubled teenager under his wing to try to instill discipline in him, he graduated from the Naval Academy in Saldanha Bay in 1956, winning the Sword of Honour.
In 1962 he attended a Royal Navy mine school in Portsmouth and completed the parachute training course at RAF Abingdon. After his training in Britain, he was seconded to the Royal Navy.
He started his spying career in his late twenties, while still a junior naval officer, by offering his services to the South African Communist Party. Bram Fischer referred him to the Soviet embassy in London, where the "walk-in" was recruited into the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence branch, and instructed to continue his career in the South African military.
As part of his service in the Royal Navy, he trained at HMS Collingwood and served on HMS Tenby (F65), and passed classified information about the weapon systems there to the Soviets. Among the systems he compromised through these activities were the SeaCat and Sea Sparrow missiles. He was also responsible for passing the first intelligence information about the French Exocet missile to the Soviets.
British journalist and security services specialist Chapman Pincher maintained that, while in London in the late 1960s, he was able to interview Royal Navy Polaris submarine crews for potential candidates that the Soviets could approach. It was also during this time that he met his first wife, British-born Janet Coggin whom he married in 1958.
Coggin says she became aware of her husband's Cold War spying activities eight years later in 1966 but chose not to turn him in, fearing that he would be executed, leaving her children fatherless. She says Gerhardt eventually gave her an ultimatum to become a spy too, which she declined, forcing the couple's separation. She divorced him in 1966 and moved to Ireland with her children, claiming that she lived in constan
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 23 January

Linford, Delville, Commandant:

RIV, Colonel. 23 July 1930 - 31 July 2015
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 27 January

Andersen, R.C. "Roy" SSA SD SM MMM JCD, Major-General:

Our top gunner!
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 5 February

Pols, B.J.W. (Bernie), Commandant:

Bernie Pols passed away this afternoon (5 February 2017). Rest In Peace, my battery commander during Operation Daisy in 1981
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 13 February

Sass, Bill, Captain:

Information sent in by his son, Billy:
Posted by

Anatoliy Shklyarenko
on 17 February

Kurochkin, Konstantin, Colonel-General:

Small specification:General Konstantin Kurochkin was Chief Military Advisor in Angola in 1982-1985.
Posted by

Lt Schoemies
on 17 February

Kurochkin, Konstantin, Colonel-General:

Thank you Anatoliy I have changed the 1983 to 1982
Posted by

Anatoliy Shklyarenko
on 17 February

Gusev, Pyotr (Peter), Lieutenant-General:

1984 - 1987 Chief of the Staff Carpathian Military Command (PrikVO)
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