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Road to Cuito Cuanavale - "Нас там быть не могло"

"Road to Cuito Cuanavale" (English subtitles), this is record film about Russian military advisers and specialists of army of Angola which battled against an apartheid in the period of 1986-1989. They continued glorious military tradition of the Russian military advisers of army of Мenelik II which managing to help to win in the battle near Аdwa in 1896. Film demonstrates all stages of way of the military advisers to plaсe of deploying for job in Cuito Cuanavale, after the moment of arrival to Angola. Also film demonstrates the real life of army of battling against an apartheid, explaining the features of difficult life of the Angolan people round the own army. Some don't understand, as soon as the Angolan army was forced to have the heavy casualties really protecting people of countries directly providing a safety of infrastructure and communications. Authors, Alexander Polivin and Leonid Parkhomenko, were the participants of events. As former illiterate African peasants learned to write simultaneously with management by T-55. Angola didn't have industry to restore fire-damaged tanks, but even superiority of heavy Olifants was not noticed above middle T-55. There are photos more than ten fire-damaged Olifants. SADF had phobia against contact battle collision is a historical fact. SADF didn't have a competitive spirit to battle to dying for an apartheid, only the special forces had a competitive spirit, but the special teams it is not enough to attack Luanda. Apartheid had the catastrophic shortage of efficient forces of having a competitive spirit to battle in bloody battle, but were able effectively and rationally to manage troops. Infantile white fellows preferred a comfort and didn't agree to die. A flat-broke SADF was forced to capitulate and now fully destroyed.
"Нас там быть не могло", урезанный вариант с целью англоязычной адаптации (с согласия владельцев) документального фильма о советских военных советниках и специалистах в Анголе в период 1986-89 годы, достойно продолжавших традиции первого поколения русских интернационалистов конца 19 века, сражавшихся, в том числе после призывов Льва Толстого, в Абиссинии и помогших победить при Адуа. Удивительно, но некоторые даже не понимают, как только Ангольская армия была вынуждена нести тяжёлые потери непосредственно защищая жителей страны, обеспечивая безопасность коммуникаций и инфраструктуры гарантирующей реальное выживание граждан, а не только своё собственное, как её противники. Авторы фильма, Александр Поливин и Леонид Пархоменко, являлись участниками этих событий на юге Анголы.

TRANSCRIPT of Road to Cuito Cuanavale - "Нас там быть не могло"
>>Angola 1986-1989
0:05this is State in south-west of Africa, has a north border from Congo, and Namibia to South.
0:16After proclamation of independence, Russia began to give military help, to support of organization and training of army.
0:26Soviet military mission in Luanda. Similar to legendary Russian military mission in army of Мenelik II. Any military advisers and experts arrive at first there.
0:35But only some will remain in the capital, because majority will work in provinces or military regions.
0:47And will probably get back only after a year for regular vacation to motherland.
1:44they need to use airplane, That reach to any region of service.
1:54Russian civil pilots carry out maintenance of services of transporting in Angola.
2:01Our way was through an entire country to the city of Menongue, it is provincial center and military headquarters of Cuando-Cubango.
2:09Most part of province is controlled by Savimbi's marionette of apartheid. Savimbi's headquarters was based in a province.
2:21Sometimes military food convoys punched through the siege and taking away mines, through Мatala and Kushi,
2:33but the basic transporting used is aviation.
3:08Airplane landed in Menongue so steep down and firing heat traps, to protect civil aircraft against Stinger.
3:22Similarly civil aircraft will fly up, because former US government supported use of Stinger against civil airplanes.
4:22They flew to Menongue along with the crew of Sergey Melnikov, and could not know as two weeks later the their plane will flame after the attack Stinger, but they survived.
5:10Military mission in Menongue has several two-storey cottages. The mission has Autonomous water supply and electricity.
5:29Inventive Russians created a sauna with a small swimming pool for public enjoyment.
5:35Advisers and experts of the mission have a privilege because they have the opportunity to invite own wife.
5:44Wives of the officers who knew the life of the provincial garrisons are adapted to African problems, they can use the gun and do not have a panic even during artillery shelling.
6:01But the mission is isolated on this some women sometimes know only one street and the road to the airport.
6:21After loading the food we go the first military convoy to Cuito Cuanavale. By the most dangerous road by reason of fires, bombardments and attacks.
6:36This is small town in the distance 180 kilometres to southeast are the last outpost of the Angolan army against forces of apartheid.
6:44Any men once walking by a road to Cuito Cuanavale knows how many this way is phenomenal of dangerous.
6:54Troops will guard a transporting column and battle helicopters to accompany. Guard will clean mines, also helicopters will deliver mail.
7:54Damaged by craters and bumpy after the explosions and wheels, Road to Cuito is 180 kilometres,
8:06Today for fortune, or can to misfortune, I go first time in an convoy to Кuito.
8:16I do not know, little this or many, but knew from friends, How 20 days was going there from Menongue,
8:28Then to prevent ambushs, against us, Placed posts in the radius of visibility.
8:36we go with food, by a fuel and live ammunitions. Ordered us to deliver, and we will deliver it,
8:46Higher than sides high-usage, we go quickly, Motors roar zealously to overcoming slope,
8:57Сuito will die if can not to having a bread and fuel, But an enemy got an order, to destroy us.
9:08Despite teardrops after resilient wind, I tried to count machines of fire-damaged,
9:18if will ask me, how many? I can answer question, I can say more than hundred, than kilometres to Сuito.
9:28Мaseca, after river of Longa, is fire-damaged convoy, it is as monument of cruel permanent war,
9:38There after a turn, was heaped up under a slope, Yesterday, after a machine gun fire, industrious petrol tanker,
9:48And catastrophe of tank, it is better do not to see, the direct hit killed all inwardly,
9:58The direct hit pitilessly killed all, All living, who could think, love and dreams.
10:08But for some reason near-by a river to shine suddenly, Really saw us in a hyposcope.
10:17And wind beat a psyche, or soull in emptiness, But first to feels more difficult than all, because he is first,
10:23He understands everything, exactly best by what we, To him there will be the first bullet and land-mine,
10:30He is ready the first to protect all of us, He will first to cross a invisible limit of claymore.
10:36And if there will be an ambush, he will adopt death afire and smoke, When we will reach, fellows, we will pray to him.
10:53It is straight to horizon as arrow or bent as question, Only one road is present to the south-east our outpost,
11:04It is last farthest outpost, Road from Menongue is 180 kilometres.
11:16Again for fortune, or can to misfortune, I go not first time in an convoy to Сuito.
11:28Damaged by craters and bumpy after the explosions and wheels, Road to Кuito is 180 kilometres.
11:54[military escort successfully overcame a difficult way]
12:08[Attack-helicopter MI-24 is an effective guard]
13:32[military escort successfully overcame a difficult way]
14:32[Flag was character of the real freedom and counteraction against racism]
14:46[Consequences of attacks and heavy siege are noticeable in a small town]
14:58Cuito Cuanavale is small poor town in the south of Angola, but this name became the famous in the world by reason of bravery and persistence during aggression of apartheid.
15:14As a result of cruel battles near Cuito Cuanavale an army of apartheid was stopped. Long time racists standing on hills besieged and bombed a town, impotent to take him.
15:35They arrived in a military mission in the evening, delivering food and mail. Members of mission and friends in Cuito Cuanavale got back from subdivisions to warmly meet. A friendly supper expected them to feel a comfort.
17:25[life of mission]
19:02[mission relate of friendship with local habitants]
19:18After retreat of racists from a city the local tribes were able to come home.
19:36People recovered homes, began to fishing and grow a Manioc. A province is one of the poorest, as has the deserted-mountain climate.
20:01Children using home-made toy-cars to play a convoy. People mainly eat porridges from a Cassava. Every morning we wake up, as women begin to pound a Manioc.
20:32Second time local people will eat in the evening, after as recommitings from work on the plantations of Manioc.
20:42Here is not present shops and distributing of food help is rare, therefore plantation of Manioc are a unique method to fed.
21:02Farmers can not cultivate more advantageous agricultures in the during so long war and permanent aggression, but more difficult than all to the women (which decide problem, Than to feed children?).
21:42Here children never play war, because they play food convoy which must battling to pass through the siege of racists to deliver a fig.
22:22[life of Cuito Cuanavale, people very trust an army, because only Angolan side had responsibility by the cost of additional losses to protecting the survival of people]
25:01[Any group of scouts are going to travel couldn't to guarantee a own safe return]
25:28[real life of Cuito Cuanavale]
26:31[life of advisers and experts]
27:18[work of advisers and experts]
28:03Work begins in the morning, advisers and experts will leave to battle brigades. but in a mission there will be an attendant to do correspondences.
28:54[real life of army battling against an apartheid, this army hadn't double-standards]
29:22Moscow-400, dear to write letter, don't forget, And I will invent the tales about pineapples in African paradise,
29:28Where hasn't war and is not present to Death, Where life is permanent carnival,
29:34And happy African to rests under palms without pantaloons, Where a talking parrot sits down on my shoulder,
29:41Where is near river the Limpopo of our childhood, where a merry hippopotamus lived.
29:51But the here scared birds absolutely quiet in the morning, And the scared animals do not come to watering.
30:01And in these meadows and groves we placed death against tanks, And this be unapproachable, while we are present, and later, Because in sky is the "Sonth cross", as dangerous sign of fate.
30:21Who could to was forever to memorized about Cuito, Cuatir and Kushi, We see again as nightly lights fly from G-5, Fly to kill our lives.
30:37And bullets above head already can not hear by reason of explosions, Today there will be the difficult battle, terrible hell, bloody sweat,
30:49But an enemy again will get windy and will go away across the river to Мavinga.
30:59And this be unapproachable, while we are present, and later, Because in sky is the "Sonth cross", as dangerous sign of fate.
31:11[real life of army battling against an apartheid, this army hadn't double-standards]
33:02[They won over racists, as apartheid capitulated. Boers didn't want to die for apartheid. SADF even had the phobia of contact battle.]
39:36[reconnaissance airplane of racists in sky]
39:48[They won over racists, as apartheid capitulated. Boers didn't want to die for apartheid. SADF even had the phobia of contact battle.]
41:01[Army able to battle is the result of collaboration and real heartfelt solidarity of many people.]
41:21[They won over racists, as apartheid capitulated. Boers didn't want to die for apartheid.]
42:02[so former African peasants became soldiers, but many young soldiers perished]
44:22[more experienced Russian officers became harmonious part of this army]
45:42[African fellows couldn't know reckless ride on car but becomes a cool drivers of armored carriers]
46:26To the attack, and somebody's sure hand will set the conditional signal of rockets to a zenith as "green three whistles",
46:42To the attack, and suddenly anxious presentiment in a soul, because we do not know, as an ambush expects ahead of us,
46:52To the attack, and you do not torment the soul by doubting, because this ordinary shaking of armour is slightly felt.
47:02To the attack, and spasm in a throat because somewhere a heart compresses in a breast, but you will convalesce after the first battle.
47:12To the attack, and some veterans of wars to explained to me as even afire there is a weak point.
47:22To the attack, and there will be possibility to doubt as though a bullet is afraid of boldness, because a bullet beats all without a selection.
47:32To the attack, and someone makes success or failure, that someone appeared weak or strong to overcome a way.
47:43To the attack, and does not matter rank and position because more important to know that will not twit fathers about their sons.
47:53To the attack, and after that, as we will execute the order, possibly even will remember us, which ordered.
48:03To the attack, and somebody's sure hand will set the conditional signal of rockets to a zenith as "green three whistles".
48:12Soon we will know exactly, who will appear useless for this purpose of masculine business and real responsibility.
48:52Sometimes they visited to old positions of their Angolan brigade, there they lived during the most difficult time of the last aggression of apartheid.
49:04Racists were stopped by the Angolan troops and Cuban volunteers during the bitter battles. This happened here near across the river.
49:16Racists set a heavy artillery on hills, then long months continuously fired our positions. That can understand who daily was under a fire.
49:29Three Russians of officer jointly lived, as artilleryman Malukov projected shelter able to survive the direct blow, and underground kitchen and dining-room.
49:44Davidovsky created a bath-house and shower. This was chic. And then they did stove for baking of bread. They all preferred ate a soft and warm bread like to pastries.
50:06They gave the warm bread to neighbours of Cuban brigade which were more as brothers.Cubans were simple reliable fellows, in fact simple people perfectly understand of friends.
50:34Romantic time of Angolan war will go down in memory as most positive in life. But after two years of separation in Angola it was sometimes hardness to remember voice of own wife.
50:54Time passes quickly, but positive nostalgia is saved and memory about all friends.
51:50Go out from a shelter, to look at sky, how is wonderful morning, Softly and kindness, Similar to the lips of darling lady.
52:15To me very not desirable, to die on today in morning, Wait of minute, Wait of minute, I want the last time to breathing of morning.
52:40On a frisky horse, if will dash in morning dew, this is from the cold river to drink of the one's fill,
53:04But now there is more relevant reason, Why I can not guarantee to my survival, because We must protect a country. Wait of minute, Wait of minute.

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