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Timeline and Daily Headlines

I have tried to compile a database of daily events that were significant to the War In Angola so that they could be viewed on a daily and chronological basis. This is still very much a Work in Progress which already contains thousands of entries, but it still has a long way to go before being all-comprehensive.

As far as I can I will link entries to relevant sections or pages on the War In Angola portal for those users that would like to read a little bit more. Again, your participation and contribution to the information contained herein are invaluable and much appreciated.

I regret that I could only open up the Daily Headlines to Public (non-registered) and Registered users. Only Registered users with Credits and PREMIUM MEMBERS are able to access the functionality to view the events by selected year and month...

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3 Mar 1961 :
Hassan II was crowned King of Morocco succeeding his father.

3 Mar 1961 :
Jonas Savimbi informed the MPLA CD in Conakry that he had met with Holden Roberto and requested financial support.

3 Mar 1976 :
Lt Peter Rose led the first Bravo Group patrol from Pica Pau into the western region of the Cubango River, to a point 30 km north-west of Dima, and reported no enemy presence detected.

3 Mar 1977:
The MPLA government demonstrated their accession to the Universal Postal Union including Additional Protocols, General Regulations, insured letters, postal parcels and the Universal Postal Convention.

3 Mar 1980 :
A member of the local population provided 32 Battalion platoons with information about a SWAPO base west of the Cunene River, a kilometre from Calueque.

3 Mar 1980 :
The first new "Maanskyn" (i.e. Moonshine) mission was flown by Impalas from Air Force Base Ondangwa. The call sign "Skunk" became familiar for these types of missions.

3 Mar 1983 :
It was reported that, since the inception of Operation Phoenix in mid-February, 155 terrorists have been killed.

3 Mar 1983 :
A special constable from the South West Africa Police Counter-Insurgency Wing: Ops-K Division (Koevoet) was killed in action during a contact with SWAPO/PLAN insurgents in northern Owamboland.

3 Mar 1984 :
First JMC patrols were dispatched.

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