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Web Equipment Pattern-70 Complete

Based on the British Pattern 58 webbing, the South African Pattern 70 webbing features hard canvas construction combined with magazine pouches attached to every possible spare surface. Everything about this webbing is optimized for durability, from the canvas material to the heavy stitching and metal D-rings used to attach other parts of the webbing system. The kidney pouches, meant to carry spare machine gun belts for the squad's machine gunner, are non-removable since this is the Army version of the webbing. In addition, the only moveable ammo pouches are the ones on the front (by the waist belt buckle) which are attached by sliding the belt through loops on the pouches. All the ammo pouches, meant for the R1 (FAL) rifle, hold 2 magazines each. Comprising of - Two large kidney pouches - six double magazine pouches designed for 20rd FAL mags, hold a total of 12 mags - two of the mag pouches at the sides are removable - suspender set adjusted by buckles, and secured with metal clip This webbing set is the predecessor to the Pattern 83 Battlejacket

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