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LRAC-89 Anti-Tank Free-Flight Missile Launcher

A French missile launcher with missile jointly developed by Somchem, as a low-weight anti-tank weapon with considerable strike effect.

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aa.WeaponLRAC-89 Anti-Tank Free-Flight Missile Launcher
abDescriptionA French missile launcher with missile jointly developed by Somchem, as a low-weight anti-tank weapon with considerable strike effect.
ad.CalibreRocket: 89mm
ae.Overall LengthLauncher: 1170mm; launcher: 1170mm; Rocket: 600mm
af.Overall Width 
ag.OverallHeightWith bipod and optical sight: 203mm
ai.Country of OriginFrance
aj.AmmunitionMP: Multipurpose anti-personnel/anti-vehicle HE warhead, loaded with 1600 steel pellets with a lethal radius of 20 m, and also penetrates up to 100 mm RHAe;
HEAT: Shaped charge anti-armor warhead, capable of penetrating 400 mm RHAe or 1 300 mm of concrete. It arms at a distance of 9-11 m from the muzzle;
Smoke: White phosphorous round that emits a billowing, opaque smoke cloud for up to 35 seconds;
Illum: Illuminating warhead containing a flare, which burns with a brightness of 300 000 candela for 30 seconds.
ak.Effective Range (HE)2 300m at a 45° angle
al.Muzzle Velocity (HE)295 m/s; 330 meters in about 1.25 seconds, and 360 meters in 1.36 seconds
ba.Feed Mechanism 
bd.Rate of FireBetween 3 and 4 missiles per minute
be.SightsMounted APX M 290 passive night telescopic that is graduated between 100 and 1,000 meters
bf.Muzzle Energy 
bg.Barrel Length 
bh.Weight of Barrel 
bj.OperationElectrical. Launcher has a life of approximately 130 firings,
bl.Firing Support Base 
cc.WarheadShaped charge warhead
cdBoost TimeThe rocket engine burns out before the rocket leaves the launcher at a velocity of approximately 300 meters per second.
ce.Flight Altitude 
cf.Guidance System 
cg.Steering System 
ci.LaunchPlatformBipod; may be fired from a standing, kneeling, or prone position.
cj.DesignerSociete Technique de Recherches Industrielles de la Mecanique
ckDesignedThe 89mm rocket itself was developed jointly by SOMCHEM, South Africa, together with France and Germany
cl.ManufacturerNationale d'Armes de Saint-Etienne, France.
co.In Service1972
cp.ProliferationKnown past and present operators of the LRAC F1 include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Djibouti, France, Gabon, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia, and Zaire.
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