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A standard armoured mine-protected infantry fighting vehicle with a 20mm cannon in a turret used by South African mechanised infantry

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ab.Weight18.5 tonnes
ac.Length7.212 m
ad.Width2.516 m
ae.Height2.915 m
af.Crew4 + 7
ag.Armour20 mm (front plate) 7.5mm (sides and top)
ah.Primary Armament20mm GI-2 Rapid Fire Automatic Cannon
ai.Secondary Armament1 x 7.62 mm MG (coaxial), 7.62 mm MG (anti-aircraft), 1 x 7.62 mm MG (anti-aircraft), 2 x 2 smoke grenade dischargers
aj.EngineD 3256 BTXF 6-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel 282 hp (210 kW)
ak.Power/Weight15.24 hp/tonne
al.SuspensionWheeled 6x6. Solid axle with coil springs and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers supported by wishbones and longitudinal arms
am.TransmissionAutomatic gearbox, 6 forward gears and 1 reverse. 2-speed transfer box
an.BrakesHydro-pneumatic on front wheels and air-mechanical on rear 4 wheels, parking, crawl and exhaust brakes
ao.Tyres6 + 1 spare 14,00 x 20 M, run flat
ap.Track2,08 m
aq.Wheelbase2,809 m + 1,4 m
as.Operating Range1000 km (14 hrs Cross country)
at.Speed-Offroad30 km/h
au.Speed-Road105 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity480 litres
aw.Fuel ConsumptionCross-country: 100 litres/100km; Road: 50 litres/100km
ax.Fuel TypeDiesel
ay.Clearance350 mm
ba.Side Slope30%
bb.Vertical Step0.6 m
bc.Trench1.15 m
bd.Fording1.2 m
bk.Winch Capacity 
bl.Crane Capacity 
bm.Towing Capacity 
bn.Water Capacity80 litres
bo.SteeringMechanical, recirculating ball with hydraulic assist
bp.Electrical System24 V (2 x 12V, 100 Ah)
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