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G-6 Self-Propelled 155 mm Gun-Howitzer

South African designed and built 155mm wheel-based self propelled gun, based on the G-5 155mm gun

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aa.VehicleG-6 155mm SP Gun/Howitzer
ab.Weight46 t
ac.Length9.2 m (hull); 10.4 m (gun forward)
ad.Width3,3 m
ae.Height3,25 m
ag.ArmourSteel; can withstand artillery shrapnel and up to 20mm MG fire; increased protection against land mines
ah.Primary Armament155 mm 45 calibre gun
ai.Secondary Armament7,62 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun; eight 81 mm smoke grenade launchers
aj.EngineAir cooled diesel 386 kW
al.SuspensionWheeled 6x6
am.TransmissionAuto or manual 6 speed with torque converter
an.BrakesPower assisted with drums on all wheels; crawl brake, retarder, exhaust brake and parking brake
ao.Tyres21 x 25 fitted with run flat elements
ap.Track2,8 m
ar.DrivelinePropshafts and differentials
as.Operating Range 600 km (on road)
at.Speed-Offroad30 km/h
au.Speed-Road85 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity700 litres
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypeDiesel
ay.Clearance0.45 m
ba.Side Slope13.5°/30% (static)
bb.Vertical Step0,5 m
bc.Trench1,5 m
bd.Fording1 m
aa.WeaponBL 155mm G-6 SP Gun/Howitzer
abDescriptionThe G6 is a South African self-propelled gun/howitzer of 155 mm calibre.
ac.TypeSelf-Propelled Gun/Howitzer
ad.Calibre155 mm (6.10 in), fitted with a fume extractor
ae.Overall Length9 m (29.53 ft)
af.Overall Width3.3 m (10.83 ft)
ag.OverallHeight3.25 m (10.66 ft)
ai.Country of OriginSouth Afreica
aj.Ammunition47 projectiles (16 in vehicle front, 31 in fighting compartment); 50 charges 64 primers and fuses; HE: 45.5 kg with payload of 8.7 kg RDX/TNT; HE base bleed: 47 kg with payload of 8.7 kg RDX/TNT; Base-ejection smoke: 45.7 kg with a 10.9 kg payload of 4 smoke canisters in white, red, blue; Illumination: 45.2 kg - 1.65 million candela for at least 90 seconds: Red phosphorous: 47.7 kg 2ith a 7.6 kg payload; all projectiles of the ERFB type; The high-fragmentation steel casings of the HE projectiles have 23% more volume than other 155 mm projectiles and release between 3 032 and 4756 fragments. T
ak.Effective Range (HE)30 600 m (33 465 yards) Std HE 39 000 m (42 651 yards) Base-bleed HE 53 000 m (57 962 yards) Special V-LAP; Minimum Range: 2 400 m (2 624 yards)
al.Muzzle Velocity (HE) 
ba.Feed MechanismThe loading system comprises a swing-out tray which elevates with the gun and a manually controlled pneumatic rammer, allow reloading at any elevation.
bc.Elevation-5° to +75°
bd.Rate of Fire4 rpm maximum; 2 rpm sustained
be.SightsOptical-mechanical sight system mounted directly on the trunnion and is compensated for trunnion cant. An electronic gun display unit can be mounted on the gun and linked to the fire-control computer
bf.Muzzle Energy 
bg.Barrel Length6 975 mm (22.88 ft) 45 cals
bh.Weight of Barrel 
bj.OperationManual with pneumatic rammer
bk.RecoilHydro-pneumatic; A mechanical/electrical gun monitor records Effective Full Charges (EFC) used, the recoil length, and number of rounds fired
bl.Firing Support Base 
bm.BreechCam-operated, interrupted-screw breech which opens automatically when the gun recoils, and closes semi-automatically when the pneumatic rammer has loaded the next round.
bn.Type of Breech Block 
boWeight of Breech Mechanism 
bq.Suspension System 
br.Type of Firing Mechanism 
bt.MobilitySelf-propelled by an air-cooled diesel engine of 410 kW with a road range of 600km, at road speeds of up to 90 km/h (30 - 40 km/h off road), on a 6 x 6 suspension with automatic transmission
bv.Ground Clearance 
bx.BrakesHydro-pneumatic service and crawl brakes, mechanical parking brake
by.Wheel Span 
bz.LubricantsGun. Grease Molykote BR 2, SAE 10, SAE 90 and SAE 30 (diesel) oil and Tellus T46 hydraulic oil; Recoil System. Aeroshell Fluid 4/41 and nitrogen (nitrogen are also used for pneumatic loader)
ca.PropellantThe charge system consists of 6 zones optimised in 3 charges, giving maximum ranges of 17 900 m (zones 1 to 4), 25 300 m (zone 5) and 30 000 m (zone 6) respectively at sea level. Charge 3 gives a range of 39 000 m at sea level with base-bleed projectiles. Ranges of up to 45 000 m have been achieved at higher altitudes with base-bleed projectiles. The smaller number of charges than is usual in this category simplifies their use and logistic support.
cb.Detonation MechanismPD-M572: point-detonating diect-action fuse which gives either super-quick action on impact or a 0.5 second delay; SA-M804: proximity fuse which triggers detonation at between 4 and 8 m above the target - unaffected by radar-reflectivity - and has an impact back-up; SA-M805: electronic time fuse with a range of 1 to 200 seconds in increments of 0.1 seconds, for use with illuminating and smoke projectiles
co.In Service1987
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