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A fully automatic all-weather low-level SAM system developed for South Africa by two French firms in 1969. It can fire four R-400 missiles

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aa.VehicleCactus Firing Unit
ab.Weight14.5 t
ac.Length6.22 m
ad.Width2.65 m
ae.Height2.04 m
ag.ArmourNot Available
ah.Primary ArmamentCactus Surface-to-Air Missile System
ai.Secondary Armament 
aj.EngineNot Available
ak.Power/WeightNot Available
al.SuspensionNot Available
am.TransmissionNot Available
an.BrakesNot Available
ao.TyresNot Available
ap.TrackNot Available
aq.WheelbaseNot Available
ar.DrivelineNot Available
as.Operating Range500 km
at.Speed-OffroadNot Available
au.Speed-Road70 km/h
av.Fuel CapacityNot Available
aw.Fuel ConsumptionNot Available
ax.Fuel TypePetrol (R)
ay.Clearance0.45 m
ba.Side SlopeNot Available
bb.Vertical Step0,3 m
bc.Trench0,68 m
bd.FordingNot Available
aa.Weapon1 x R 440 Surface-to-Air Missile  
abDescriptionA fully automatic all-weather low-level SAM missile for the Cactus system, developed for South Africa in 1969 by a French firm: Engins Matra, which developed the missiles. 
ac.TypeSurface-to-Air Missile  
ad.Calibre150 mm  
ae.Overall Length2.89 m  
af.Barrel Length  
ag.Weight of Weapon85 kg (120 kg in container/launcher)  
ah.Weight of Barrel  
ai.Rate of Fire  
am.Muzzle VelocityMach 2.3 (reached in 2.3 seconds)  
an.Effective Range500 to 8500 m against a Mach 1.2 target; 11000 m against a 200 m/s target; 6000 m against a 200 m/scrossing target; 13 000 m against a slow moving target 
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