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R4 5.56 mm Assault Rifle

South African 5.56mm assault rifle based on the Israeli Galil

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aa.Weapon5.56mm R-4 Assault Rifle
abDescriptionThe R-4 is a superb South African assault rifle related to the Israeli Galil and developed in 1980 for the South African Army to replace the R-1
ac.TypeAssautl Rifle
ad.Calibre5.56 mm x 45
ae.Overall Length1 005 mm (35.97 in) stock extended; 740 mm (29.13 in) stock folded
af.Overall Width 
ag.OverallHeightFrom bipod shoes to center of barrel: 285 mm
ai.Country of OriginSouth Africa
aj.AmmunitionMass of bullet: 3.52g; Mass of complete round: 11.7g
ak.Effective Range (HE)500 m (1 640 ft) plus;
- Foresight, Post Type: 100 m;
- Rear Sight, Flip type, 300-500 m;
- Night sight, folding, luminous: 200 m
al.Muzzle Velocity (HE)980 m/s (3 215 ft/s)
ba.Feed Mechanism35 or 50-round detachable box magazine 5-round detachable box magazine for rifle grenade rounds
bd.Rate of Fire650 Rounds/min (cyclic)
be.SightsTritium inserts into the sights for night firing; Length of line of sight: 475 mm
bf.Muzzle Energy 
bg.Barrel Length460 mm (18.11 in)
bh.Weight of BarrelBasic Mass of rifle without bipod and magazine: 3.9 kg
bi.Rifling6 Grooves, RH twist; 1 twist in 305 mm
bj.OperationGas-operated, rotating bolt; Lever-selected to fire either fully automatic or semi-automatic; Trigger pull-off: 1.7 to 4.0 kg at a distance of 14.0 mm below the body of single fire;
bl.Firing Support Base 
cl.ManufacturerLyttleton Engineering Works (LEW).
cn.VariantsR4: assault rifle; R5: carbine; R6: with an even shorter barrel (280mm)
co.In Service1980
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