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Samil-50 Mk II Basic Dropside Cargo/Personnel

The standard 5-tonne category off-road medium general purpose truck and logistics vehicle of the SADF. As well as the basic personnel/cargo and cargo drop-side versions, it is produced in several variants: a 5,000-litre fuel tanker with a 400-litre/minute transfer pump; a bridging equipment carrier; a recovery vehicle; a water tanker/sprinkler; a dumper; a communications centre vehicle; a cryptography office; a message centre; a telecommunications office; a telecommunications repair; a radio bin truck; a parts bin truck; a battery charger; an ammunition instrumentation truck; and a pantry truck; and a mine-protected ambulance version. It is also available with a mine resistant cab and strengthened under-body and suspension

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aa.VehicleTruck 5t SAMIL 50
ab.Weight12.4 tonnes gross; 18.4 tonnes combination
ac.Length7.78 m
ad.Width2.5 m
ae.Height2.955 m
ah.Primary Armament 
ai.Secondary Armament 
aj.Engine5-Cylinder 9.51 litre air colled direct injection diesel delivering 128 kW @ 2200 rpm and 612 Nm @ 1300 rpm torgque
ak.Power/Weight10.16 kW/t (gross)
al.SuspensionWheeled 4x4; semi-eliptic leaf springs with double acting telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
am.TransmissionSix-speed synchromesh with 6 forward and 1 reverse gear; 2-speed permamnet 4x4 pneumatically operated
an.BrakesDual circuit full air service brakes; pneumatically operated contrcated sprint park brake; engine exhaust auxiliary brake
ao.Tyres14 x 20 18-ply @ 700/520 Kpa
as.Operating Range1000 km
au.Speed-Road88 kmh
av.Fuel Capacity400 litres (2 x 200 litre tanks)
aw.Fuel Consumption40 litres/100km
ax.Fuel TypeDiesel
ay.Clearance35.5 cm
ba.Side Slope18%
bb.Vertical Step 
be.Max Cargo (Road)4500 kg
bf.Max Cargo (Off Road)4300 kg
bg.Cargo Length4.70 m
bh.Cargo Width2.40 m
bi.Cargo Depth0.60 m
bj.Cargo Volume6.768 cubic metres
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