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A development of the Soviet T-54/T-55 series of tanks, which due to its higher cost never managed to replace its predecessor. It weighs 40tons with a top speed of 60km/h and a range of 650km. The 115mm gun was more effective with an unusual integral shell-case ejection system

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aa.VehicleMedium Tank, T-62
ab.Weight40 t (44 short tons; 39 long tons)
ac.Length9.34 m (30 ft 8 in) with barrel in forward position; 6.63 m (21 ft 9 in) hull only
ad.Width3.30 m (10 ft 10 in)
ae.Height2.40 m (7 ft 10 in)
af.Crew4 (commander, driver, gunner, loader)
ag.ArmourCast turret: 214 (242 after 1972) mm front, 153 mm sides, 97 mm rear, 40 mm roof; Hull: 102 mm at 60° front, 79 mm upper sides, 15 mm lower sides, 46 mm at 0° rear, 20 mm bottom, 31 mm roof
ah.Primary Armament115 mm U-5TS (2A20) smoothbore gun (40 rounds) with a two-axis "Meteor" stabilizer
ai.Secondary Armament7.62 mm PKT coaxial general-purpose machine gun (2500 rounds); 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 antiaircraft heavy machine gun (optional until T-62 Obr.1972)
aj.EngineV-55 12-cylinder 4-stroke one-chamber 38.88 liter water-cooled diesel 581 hp (433 kW) at 2,000 rpm
ak.Power/Weight14.5 hp/tonne (10.8 kW/tonne)
al.SuspensionTorsion bar
as.Operating Range450 km (280 mi) on road (650 km (400 mi) with two 200 l (53 US gal; 44 imp gal) extra fuel tanks); 320 km (200 mi) cross-country (450 km (280 mi) with two 200-liter extra fuel tanks)
at.Speed-Offroad40 km/h (25 mph)
au.Speed-Road50 km/h (31 mph)
av.Fuel Capacity1360 liters with two 200-liter extra fuel tanks
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypeDiesel
ay.Clearance425 mm (16.7 in)
ba.Side Slope 
bb.Vertical Step 
aa.Weapon1 x 115 mm U-5TS "Molot" (2A20) Rapira smoothbore tank gun 1 x 12.7-mm 1938/46 antiaircraft heavy machine gun, DShK
abDescriptionThe U-5TS (production designation 2A20) tank gun is a 115mm-calibre weapon that was fitted exclusively to the Soviet Union's T-62 main battle tank. It was the first smoothbore weapon designed for tanks and heralded the change in main armament from rifled cannons.A Soviet heavy machine gun firing the 12.7x108mm cartridge. The weapon was also used as a heavy infantry machine gun, in which case it was frequently deployed with a two-wheeled mounting
ac.TypeSmoothbore tank gun Heavy Machine Gun
ad.Calibre115 millimetres (4.53 in) 12.7 mm
ae.Overall Length 1,625 mm (64.0 in)
af.Barrel Length 1,070 mm (42.1 in)
ag.Weight of Weapon2380 kg 34 kg (74.96 lb) (gun only); 157 kg (346.13 lb) on wheeled mounting
ah.Weight of Barrel755 kg  
ai.Rate of Fire4-5/minute 600 rounds/min
aj.OperationManual, with automatic ejection system for spent shell cases.Gas-operated reloading locking flaps
am.Muzzle VelocityAPFSDS: 1600 m/s 850 m/s (2,788 ft/s)
an.Effective RangeAPFSDS: 2m high target - 1,870m; 3m high target - 2,260m; 4000m AT-12 missile.2000 m; Maximum: 2500 m
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