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Soviet tracked armoured recovery vehicle

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aa.VehicleBTS-2 ARV
ab.Weight32 t
ac.Length7120 mm (stowed position)
ad.Width3275 mm (stowed position)
ae.Height2055 mm (stowed position)
ag.Armournose portion: 100 mm; bead: 80 mm; rear part: 45 mm; roof: 30 mm; bottom: 20 mm
ah.Primary ArmamentBrand DSHKMT gun, with 400 pieces of ammunition cartridges
ai.Secondary Armament
aj.Engine54-mark in the maximum power, l. from. 520; number of cylinders 12; displacement volume: 38.8 litres; weight:, 895 kg
ak.Power/Weight16.2 hp/t
al.SuspensionTracked; individual torsion with Helical absorbers
am.TransmissionSimple type; gear ratio 6,0
ar.DrivelineSupport rollers: 10; diameter, 810 mm; absorbers Helical; Track circuit: 90 shoes; width, 580 mm
as.Operating Range290 km (road); 80 - 180 km (towing a tank)
at.Speed-Offroad6 - 18 km/h (towing a tank)
au.Speed-Road51.5 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity780 litres
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypePetrol
ay.Clearance480 mm
azGradient32 degrees
ba.Side Slope 
bb.Vertical Step 
bd.Fording1.4 m
be.Max Cargo (Road)4000 kg
bf.Max Cargo (Off Road) 
bg.Cargo Length2500 mm
bh.Cargo Width2080 mm
bi.Cargo Depth400 mm
bj.Cargo Volume 
bk.Winch CapacityTraction Winch: mechanical with traction reel; maximum traction on the rope, 25000 kg; Working length of a cable:200 m; when anchoring the tractor to the ground: up to 75 t
bl.Crane CapacityFolding crane jib, hand-operated; load capacity: 3000 kg; boom: 1210-3000 mm ; hook height, with maximum jib: 3360 mm; with minimal jib: 4720 mm; total service sector: 230 degrees
bm.Towing CapacityNumber of towing ropes: 4 pieces
bn.Water Capacity 
bp.Electrical SystemSystem voltage, 24 V; electrical circuits: single-wire type; power generator: 3000 watts; Batteries: 4; stamp: 6STEN-140M; weight of one battery: 64 kg
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