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Gaz-69 Jeep

Soviet four-wheel drive light truck, produced by GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilnyi Zavod) between 1953 and 1956 and then by UAZ (Ulianovsky Avtomobilny Zavod), from 1956 to 1972

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aa.VehicleLight Utility Vehicle. GAZ-69
ab.Weight2175 kg (42.81 cwt); Curb:1525 kg (30 cwt); Front axle (empty):860 kg (16.93 cwt); Rear axle (empty):665 kg (13.09 cwt); Front axle (loaded):940 kg (18.5 cwt); Rear axle (loaded):1235 kg (24.31 cwt)
ac.Length3850 mm (151 ½ in.)
ad.Width1850 mm (73 in.) (incl spare wheel)
ae.Height2030 mm (80 in.)
af.Crew2-door cargo, or a 4-door field car version: 8 incl. driver
ah.Primary ArmamentNone
ai.Secondary ArmamentNone
aj.EngineIn-line, side valve, 4-cylinder (Bore: 82 mm; Stroke: 100 mm) 2120 cc petrol engine; with a power output of 55 b.h.p. at 3600 rpm and torque of 12,7 kGm (91.86 lb. ft.)
ak.Power/WeightCompression ratio: 6,2 - 6,5 : 1
al.SuspensionWheeled 4x4; four leaf springs, hydraulic shock absorbers
am.TransmissionThree speed + reverse with synchromesh on 2nd and 3rd; 1st gear ratio: 3,115; 2nd gear ratio: 1,772; 3rd gear ratio: 1,00; Reverse gear ratio: 3,738; Transfer box and gear ratio: Two speed: 1,15 and 2,78; Axle main gear ratio: 5,125; Clutch: Single plate, dry
an.BrakesDrums, hydraulic on 4 wheels' Hand brake: Drum, mechanical on transfer box shaft
ao.Tyres6,50 x 16; Tire pressure front: 2 kG/cm² (29.4 psi); Tire pressure rear: 2,2 kG/cm² (32,3 psi)
ap.Track1440 mm
aq.Wheelbase2300 mm (90 ½ in.)
as.Operating Range 
at.Speed-Offroad30-40 km/h (19-25 mph)
au.Speed-Road90 km/h (56 mph)
av.Fuel CapacityMain: 48 l (10.56 gal.) Additional: 27 l (5.9 gal.)
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypePetrol
ay.Clearance210 mm (8 ¼ in.)
azGradientApproach angle: 45°; Departure angle: 35°; can climb up a 30% incline and up a 20% incline with a trailer.
ba.Side Slope 
bb.Vertical Step 
be.Max Cargo (Road)2 pass. + 500 kg (10 cwt.)
bf.Max Cargo (Off Road) 
bg.Cargo Length 
bh.Cargo Width 
bi.Cargo Depth 
bj.Cargo Volume 
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