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Wolf II

The Wolf mine-protected COIN ICV was developed in SWA/Namibia for use by the SWA Police COIN Unit as a successor to the Casspir. The extensive operational experience gained with the Casspir has been incorporated in the Wolfs design, with specific regard for the harsh terrain and the demanding operational conditions of SWA/Namibia. The design has been tailored to suit the par-ticular needs of the SWA Police COIN Unit, but also to meet the SADF requirements in respect of anti-mine protection and ar-mour protection for the crew and passengers. The Wolf series vehicles are thus extremely effective in cross-country operations on both the hard and the sandy surfaces of SWA/Namibia's northern regions. The powertrain allows ex-ceptional cross-country mobility at high speeds and has a tre-mendous reserve of power to deal with sand and heavy bush. The phenomenal range of the Wolf facilitates fast, long-range follow-up operations and has eliminated the need for a bowser. Maintenance has been simplified to a considerable extent, and the design specifically provides for the rapid replacement of components after a mine detonation. A complete axle unit has been replaced in the field in as little as two hours after a multiple mine detonation.

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aa.VehicleTruck 5t Mine Protected Wolf II
ab.Weight14200 kg (14,2 tonnes) fully equipped
af.Crew1 + 10 infantry
ag.Armour10 mm
ah.Primary Armament1 or 2 x 7,62mm MGs above the co-driver position with 180° traverse and - 20° to +30° elevation; or 1 x 12,7mm and 1 x 7,62mm MGs, or two 7,62mm MGs, or 1 x 20mm cannon and 1 x 7,62mm MG on the roof
ai.Secondary Armament1 x 7,62 mm MG in a spherical mounting in the armour glass in front of the co-driver 6 firing ports in each hull side
aj.EngineTurbo-charged diesel delivering 265 kW : 18,66 kWit
ak.Power/Weight18.6 kW/t
al.SuspensionWheeled 4x4; Leaf springs; hollow-spring shock absorbers
am.Transmission6-speed manual with splitter; permanent 4 x 4 drive; selectable transfer case lock; differential lock on rear axle; high and low range
ao.Tyres16.00 - 20 18-ply tyres
as.Operating Range2 000 km; 1 600 km (Off-road)
at.Speed-Offroad90 km/h
au.Speed-Road120 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity610 litres
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypeDiesel
ba.Side Slope27%
bb.Vertical Step 
bd.Fording1 m
bk.Winch Capacity 
bl.Crane Capacity 
bm.Towing Capacity 
bn.Water Capacity200 litres
bp.Electrical System 
aa.Weapon1 x 12.7mm Browning M2HB Heavy Machine Gun 1 x 20mm G1-2 Rapid Fire Automatic Cannon
ac.TypeHeavy Machine Gun  
ad.Calibre12.7 mm (.50 in) 20 mm
ae.Overall Length1654 mm (65 in) 2 695 mm
af.Barrel Length1143 mm (45 in) 1 860 mm
ag.Weight of Weapon38.5 kg (84 lb) 73,5 kg
ah.Weight of BarrelBarrel assembly: 12,6 kg 24,5 kg (barrel assembly); 10 kg (cradle assemble)
ai.Rate of Fire700 rounds/min: Cyclic rate of fire: 450-550 rpm 740 rounds/min
aj.OperationRecoil; air-cooledGas assisted blowback
ak.RecoilRecoil force: Not Available 4 500 N (recoil force)
al.Rifling8 grooves RH 15 grooves RH
am.Muzzle Velocity898 m/s (2 950 ft/s) 1 050 m/s
an.Effective Range1400 mNot Available
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