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The Hippo was a mine-protected APC (Armoured Personal Carrier) of the South African Army during the Border War. It was South Africa's first mine protected APC and is no longer in service. They were used by both the SA Police and SA Defence Force, mostly in SWA/Namibia.The Hippo was introduced in 1974 after it was found that the South African Army had the need for a mine protected vehicle. The Hippo was not a wholly South African built vehicle, but made use of the chassis, engine and some other components of the Bedford truck, which were married to an armoured troop compartment. The cumbersome Hippo Mk1 R's were mounted on old Bedford truck chassis (1961) and were later followed by the M-series which were based on new Bedford chassis. It was an interim vehicle replaced by the Buffel in the late 1970's.

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aa.VehicleTruck 3t Hippo Mk 1 M-Series
ab.Weight9.65 mt (combat mass)
ac.Length6537 mm
ad.Width2460 mm
ae.Height3300 mm
af.Crew2 + 10
ag.ArmourProtection against lan dmines and small arms (cab only)
ah.Primary Armament7,62-MM MG-4 CA/AA Browning M1919 (MG)
ai.Secondary Armament 
aj.EngineBedford, 6-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, gasoline, delivering 99 kW at 3 400 rev/min
ak.Power/Weight10.26 kW/mt
al.SuspensionWheeled 4x4
am.TransmissionManual, 4 forward gears and 1 reverse, 4-speed ZF with synchromesh on 2,3 and 4the gear, Bedford 4-wheel, 2-speed transfer box with High/Low Range,
ao.Tyres12.00 X 2014 ply; 300 kPa all round / sand: 200 kPa
aq.Wheelbase3,692 mm
as.Operating RangeApprox. 600-800 km
au.Speed-Road70 km/h; Max: 83 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity240 litres
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypePetrol (R)
ba.Side Slope 
bb.Vertical Step 
be.Max Cargo (Road)9652 kg
bf.Max Cargo (Off Road) 
bg.Cargo Length 
bh.Cargo Width 
bi.Cargo Depth 
bj.Cargo Volume 
bk.Winch Capacity 
bl.Crane Capacity 
bm.Towing Capacity 
bn.Water CapacityNo
bp.Electrical System12 Volt
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