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Captured BTR-60PB

Soviet 8-wheeled armoured personnel carrier

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aa.VehicleAPC, BTR-60PB
ab.Weight10.3 metric tons
ac.Length7.22 m
ad.Width2.825 m
ae.Height2.31 m
af.Crew2 + 8 passengers
ag.ArmourWelded steel 7 mm hull upper front 9 mm hull lower front 7 mm hull sides 5 mm hull upper rear 7 mm hull lower rear 5 mm hull bottom 7 mm hull roof 7 mm turret
ah.Primary Armament14.5mm KPV heavy machine gun (500 rounds)
ai.Secondary Armament7.62 mm PKT tank coaxial machine gun (3,000 rounds)
aj.EngineRear-mounted power plant comprising of 2 x 6-cyl. gasoline GAZ-49B 115 hp (86 kW) each [also given as 90 hp]
ak.Power/Weight20.2 hp/tonne (15.1 kW/tonne) [also given as 17 hp/t]
al.SuspensionWheeled 8x8
ao.TyresSelf-sealing tires and a central tire inflation system.
aq.Wheelbase1525 mm
ar.DrivelineAll eight wheels are powered, and the first four which are used for steering, are power-assisted
as.Operating Range500 km
at.Speed-Offroad10 km/h on water
au.Speed-Road80 km/h
av.Fuel Capacity290 litres
aw.Fuel Consumption 
ax.Fuel TypePetrol
ay.Clearance475 mm
ba.Side Slope30%
bb.Vertical Step400 mm
bc.Trench2000 mm
bd.FordingFully amphibious, propelled by a single water-jet mounted at the rear of the hull.
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