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G-3 155 mm Gun (Long Tom)

American "Long-Tom" 155mm gun, tested but not used in action by the SADF

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aa.WeaponBL 155mm G-3 (M2 Long Tom)
abDescriptionThe 155 mm Long Tom was a 155 millimeter caliber field gun developed and used by the United States mililtary.
ac.TypeTowed Field Artillery
ad.Calibre155 mm (6.3 in)
ae.Overall Length11.024 m (36.17 ft)
af.Overall Width2.512 m (8.24 ft)
ag.OverallHeight2.718 m (8.92 ft)
ah.Crew13 (14 in the US Army)
ai.Country of OriginUSA
aj.AmmunitionHE: 43.4 kg (95.68 lb); later models: 42.96 kg (94.7 lb); TNT
AP: 45.4 kg (100.1 lb); APBC/HE: 45.36 kg (100.0 lb); Explosive D
Smoke: 44.53 kg (98.2 lb); White Phosphorus (WP)
ak.Effective Range (HE)22005 m (24,065 yards); Later models: 23513 m (25,714 yards)
al.Muzzle Velocity (HE)837 m/s (2746 ft/s); Later models: 853 m/s (2800 ft/s )
am.Effective Range (AP)APBC/HE: 22014 m (24,075 yards)
anMuzzle Velocity (AP)854 m/s (2802 ft/s); APBC/HE: 837 m/s (2746 ft/s )
ao.Effective Range (HEAT) 
ap.Muzzle Velocity (HEAT) 
aq.Effective Range (APHE) 
ar.Muzzle Velocity (APHE) 
as.Effective Range (HVAP) 
at.Muzzle Velocity (HVAP) 
au.Effective Range (HEP) 
av.Muzzle Velocity (HEP) 
aw.Effective Range (HEAP) 
ax.Muzzle Velocity (HEAP) 
ay.Effective Range (APFSDS) 
az.Muzzle Velocity (APFSDS) 
ba.Feed MechanismBack-Loading (BL). The shell is lifted into position behind the breach and then rammed into the chamber to engage the shell's rotating band into the barrel rifling.
bc.Elevation-1.8° to +63.3°; (or -2° to +65° on US models)
bd.Rate of Fire1-2 rpm
be.SightsNot Available
bf.Muzzle Energy 
bg.Barrel Length7 05 mm (277.37 in) 45 cals
bh.Weight of Barrel4,169 kg (9,190 lb)
bi.RiflingLength: 230.57 in
bl.Firing Support Base 
bm.BreechAsbury mechanism
bn.Type of Breech BlockInterrupted screw
boWeight of Breech Mechanism184 kg (405 lb)
bq.Suspension SystemRetractable suspension system
br.Type of Firing MechanismContinuous pull percussion hammer. A continuous-pull lanyard first cocks the firing pin, then fires the primer when pulled.
bs.CarriageM1 Carriage
bt.MobilityUses a two-wheel limber that supported the trails for transport
bu.WheelsEight wheels on gun and two wheels on limber
bv.Ground Clearance 
bw.AxlesEight-wheel integral two-axle bogie and a two-wheel limber that supports the trails for transport.
by.Wheel Span 
ca.PropellantSeparately loaded bagged charge, consisting of base (9.23 kg) and increment (4.69 kg)
cb.Detonation Mechanism 
cn.VariantsOnly the M2 towed variant were used in South Africa
co.In ServiceM2: 1945 in US; 1977+ in South Africa
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