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The War In Angola Projects
PROJECT PACKER: Recreation of the last attack on the Tumpo Triangle
Recreating this last big attack of SADF forces on the FAPLA/Cuban defences in the Tumpo Triangle east of Cuito Cuanavale on 23 March 1988. This was done for display at Fort iKapa during the POPPY DAY RUN 2014 of the Hell's Angels on 8 November 2014...
PROJECT SAVANNAH: Recreating the battles of Operation Savannah, 1975-76
My latest project planned will include a hard-cover A4-sized book on the entire Operation Savannah with full colour maps and as many photos as I am allowed to publish.... But what will make this project very much different from any other, will be the FULL CAMPAIGN REFIGHT SYSTEM that I want to include as part of the "SET"
Refight of the 12 June 1983 incident when Battle Group Bravo encountered SWAPO Special Unit elements in their base south of Cuvelai. Participants are : Nicholas Smuts (SADF: Commanding Officer of Battle Group Bravo); Johan Schoeman (SWAPO Special Unit Commander)
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