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Prelude to the battle of the Ebo

In anticipation of another squadron of armoured cars as well as a troop of artillery to be added to his force, Commandant Webb sent our reconnaissance troops in the direction of Ebo and Conde, but they were unable to gather any more information about the enemy.

Two days later, Captain Holm, to whom Commandant Webb had given operational command at that stage, and Lieutenant Herman van Niekerk with a combat team, moved out to occupy Ebo, a small town about 30 kilometres from the base.

By then it had already been discovered that the enemy were busy preparing defensive and heavy weapons positions north of the Nhia River.

No enemy movement towards Ebo had been observed and no resistance was expected at all. For this reason Captain Holm moved out that morning without any infantry support, with only the two armoured car troops (eight vehicles) and two 4.2 inch mortars.

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