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Misfortune at Tunga

Brigadier Schoeman had visited Commandant Kruys on 19 November 1975 and had instructed him to advance to either Gabala or Quibala via Condé. Commandant Kruys had decided to advance via Ebo the next day, 20 November 1975. For this purpose he sent out Battle Group Alpha, under the command of major Holtzhausen, via Quissobi, Tunga and Ebo towards Condé, while Captain Holm, with Battle Group Bravo, had to take the northern road to Hengo to determine if the enemy had repaired the bridge by now. If it was still damaged and in order to prevent the enemy from moving around to their rear, Captain Holm would join Battle Group Alpha.

Major Holtzhausen made good progress up to the bridge across the Tunga River which had been damaged before by Lieutenant du Raan. Because the river was not too deep at that point, it was decided to build a drift. But the drift was not completed yet when it started to rain hard. The river started flowing so rapidly that the nearly-completed drift was washed away. Visibility from the armoured cars and the other vehicles were nil. Vehicles got stuck in the mud, radio traffic was interrupted and Commandant Kruys had to walk through the mud by foot in order to issue orders.

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