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Medal/Decoration Awarded To:

Fountain T.S, 2 Lt
2 Field Regiment
SA Engineers Corps
SA Army

HONORIS CRUX - Second Type (HC) (1975)

Year Awarded:

Date of Action:

Second Lieutenant Ted Steward Fountain was awarded the Honoris Crux for his actions and bravery in the battle of Bridge 14 during Operation Savannah, when he, as leader of the troop of Engineers, and his men, continued the repair work on the bridge while under heavy and accurate enemy bombardment. Because of his fearless and inspiring leadership, his men never wavered to follow him out continue their work immediately after every bombardment. 2Lt Fountain also lifted mines at night while under enemy fire. He always executed these dangerous tasks himself personally, and did not expect any of his men to do the same.

Here we do not ONLY honour the recipient of the award, but also the circumstances and the other individuals without which the award would simply not have been possible. Even though we honour ONE PERSON's deeds, we must always remember that he did NOT operate alone and in isolation. Many unsung heroes made it possible for him to be there in those exact circumstances. So let us always remember ALL of them, especially those that paid with their lives and received no recognition. Please feel free to mention others that deserve to be remembered with, and as part of the actions of the recipient.

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