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Medal/Decoration Awarded To:

Holm J.W, Capt 
Danie Theron Combat School
SA Infantry Corps
SA Army

HONORIS CRUX - Second Type (HC) (1975)

Year Awarded:

Date of Action:

Captain J.W. Holm was poshumously awarded the Honoris Crux for his unselfish act in exposing himself from the safety of his armoured car's turret in the face of heavy enemy fire to save the lives of others, where he was killed in action during Operation Savannah near Ebo in Southern Angola on 23 November 1975. During the course of the engagement, he was forced to expose himself from the turret to physically assist another armoured car out of the ambush area when a Soviet 122mm Katyusha Rocket exploded behind his Eland 90. He was struck in the head by a large piece of shrapnel, killing him instantly.

Here we do not ONLY honour the recipient of the award, but also the circumstances and the other individuals without which the award would simply not have been possible. Even though we honour ONE PERSON's deeds, we must always remember that he did NOT operate alone and in isolation. Many unsung heroes made it possible for him to be there in those exact circumstances. So let us always remember ALL of them, especially those that paid with their lives and received no recognition. Please feel free to mention others that deserve to be remembered with, and as part of the actions of the recipient.

 - Killed in action.
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