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About The War In Angola
Operation Kropduif, 1977 - Another Perspective

Operation Kropduif



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During Operation BUCKSAW, approximately 6 months before Operation KROPDUIF, it had been detected that there was a major SWAPO base some six kilometres north-west of Chana Golf in Southern Angola. Aerial reconnaissance photographs of the base had been taken, and documents captured at Tofima during Operation SEILJAG 3 confirmed that there was a SWAPO regimental headquarters at Ohaipete, or Eheke. Interrogation of prisoners had confirmed that this was the main SWAPO base, which was then given the SADF code-name “Target 21”

This operation turned out a big disappointment to SADF soldiers, with the loss of many lives. Intimately in de-briefings and pub stories it was intimated that the blame lay with the SAAF for an incorrect drop of a group of Recce Operators.

It is interesting to note that between the two stories there is even conflict in dates and times. So what else could have been wrong?

But then there are always two sides to a story so let these stories be told.

[Article submitted by Brig Gen (ret) P.J. Stannard]

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