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Command Affiliation Bars of the SADF (PLEASE NOTE: some are fantasy and have been made up)
Armaments Corporation of South Africa
Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd
Bophuthatswana Defence Force
Bophuthatswana Defence Force Headquarters
One Military Area
Three Military Area
Two Military Area
Ciskei Defence Force Headquarters
Ciskei Defence Force*
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Minister of Defence, Republic of South Africa
Union of South Africa
64 Air School
68 Air School
AFB Bloemspruit
AFB Durban
AFB Hoedspruit
AFB Langebaanweg
AFB Louis Trichardt (AFB Makhado)
AFB Ondangwa
AFB Overberg
AFB Pietersburg
AFB Port Elizabeth
AFB Potchefstroom
AFB Swartkop
AFB Waterkloof
AFB Ysterplaat
AFS Dunnottar
AFS Voortrekker-hoogte
Air Force Command Post
Air Force Gymnasium
Air Space Control Command
Chief of the Air Force
Highveld Air Space Command Sector
SA Air Force Headquarters
SAAF Air Logistics Command
SAAF Maritime Command
SAAF Tactical Support Command
SAAF Training Command
Southern Air Command (SAC)
Western Air Command (WAC)
South African Police
South West Africa Police (SWAPOL)
1 SA Corps Headquarters
1 South African Corps
2 Field Engineer Regiment
2 Signal Regiment
4 Survey and Mapping Regiment
7 South African Infantry Division
7 South African Infantry Division Headquarters
8 South African Armoured Division
8 South African Armoured Division Headquarters
9 South African Division
10 Artillery Brigade
10 South African Division
44 Parachute Brigade
60 Mechanised Brigade*
71 Motorised Brigade
72 Motorised Brigade
73 Motorised Brigade
81 Armoured Brigade
82 Mechanised Brigade
84 Motorised Brigade
Army Battle School
Chief of Army Staff (GS)*
Chief of Army Staff Intelligence (GS2)*
Chief of the Army
Civil Defence Corps
Directorate of Engineers
Directorate of Signals
Eastern Province & Border Command
Eastern Province Command (EP Cmd)
Eastern Transvaal Command
Far North Command
Gauteng Command
Group 1 Headquarters
Group 2 Headquarters
Group 3 Headquarters
Group 4 Headquarters
Group 5 Headquarters
Group 6 Headquarters
Group 7 Headquarters
Group 8 Headquarters
Group 9 Headquarters
Group 10 Headquarters
Group 11 Headquarters
Group 12 Headquarters
Group 13 Headquarters
Group 14 Headquarters
Group 15 Headquarters
Group 16 Headquarters
Group 17 Headquarters
Group 18 Headquarters
Group 19 Headquarters
Group 20 Headquarters
Group 21 Headquarters
Group 22 Headquarters
Group 23 Headquarters
Group 24 Headquarters
Group 25 Headquarters
Group 26 Headquarters
Group 27 Headquarters
Group 28 Headquarters
Group 29 Headquarters
Group 30 Headquarters
Group 31 Headquarters
Group 32 Headquarters
Group 33 Headquarters
Group 34 Headquarters
Group 35 Headquarters
Group 36 Headquarters
Group 39 Headquarters
Group 40 Headquarters
Group 41 Headquarters
Group 42 Headquarters
Group 45 Headquarters
Group 46 Headquarters
Natal Command
Natal Command (Natal Cmd)
North West Command
Northern Cape Command (NC Cmd)
Northern Logistics Command
Northern Transvaal Command
Orange Free State Command
Railways and Harbours Brigade
Reconnaissance Commando Base Unit
SA Army Conventional Force*
SA Army Corps Schools*
SA Army Headquarters
SA Army Logistic Command
SA Army Rapid Deployment Force
SA Army Territorial Force*
Sector 10 Headquarters
Sector 20 Headquarters
Sector 70 Headquarters
South West Africa Command (SWA Cmd)
Southern Cape Command (SC Cmd)
Soutpansberg Military Area
Special Forces Brigade
Walvis Bay Command
Western Province Command
Witwatersrand Command
Army Support Bases
Ceremonial Support
Force Preparation
OSC Units
SA Army Military Bands
South African Army Artillery Formation
South African Army Support Formation
South African Army Training Formation
TSC Units
Chief of Defence Force Staff
Chief of Staff Finances (CS5)
Chief of Staff Intelligence (CS2)
Chief of Staff Logistics (CS4)
Chief of Staff Operations (CS3)
Chief of Staff Personnel (CS1)
Chief of Staff Planning (CS6)
Chief of the South African Defence Force
Defence Headquarters
Directorate Reconnaissance
Grootfontein Logistical Base
Military Intelligence Division (MID)
Military Intelligence Headquarters
Quartermaster General Headquarters
Quartermaster General of the South African Defence Force
South African Army
South African Defence Force
South African Medical Service
South African Navy
South African Special Forces
Special Forces Headquarters
Central Medical Command
Eastern Province Medical Command
Eastern Transvaal Medical Command
Far North Medical Command
Medical Command Headquarters
Medical Training Command
Natal Medical Command
North-Western Medical Command
Northern Cape Medical Command
Northern Medical Command
SA Medical Services Headquarters
Southern Transvaal Medical Command
Surgeon General
SWA Medical Command
Western Province Medical Command
Witwatersrand Medical Command
Area Military Health Formation
Military Health Support Base Thaba Tshwane
Military Health Support Formation
Military Health Training Formation
Mobile Military Health Formation
Tertiary Military Health Formation
South African Military Health Service (SAMHS)
Chief of the Navy*
Coastal Minehunters*
Defence Vessels*
Depot / Replenishment Ships*
Inshore Patrol Vessels*
Naval Bases*
Navy Support Units*
Navy Units*
SA Naval Headquarters
SA Navy Marines
Salvage Vessels*
Strike Craft
Training Ships*
Koevoet Base, Zulu
Koevoet Kaokoland Headquarters, Zulu 5
Koevoet Kavango Headquarters, Zulu 4
Koevoet Transit Base, Zulu 1
South West Africa Police (SWAPOL) HQ
SWAPOL Counter-Insurgency Wing: Ops-K Division (KOEVOET)
SWAPOL Counter-Insurgency Wing: Ops-K Division (KOEVOET) GHQ*
SWAPOL Directorate of Counter-Insurgency Services (SWAPOLCOIN)*
SWAPOLCOIN Ops-K Unit (KOEVOET) Kaokoland Division*
SWAPOLCOIN Ops-K Unit (KOEVOET) Kavango Division
SWAPOLCOIN Ops-K Unit (KOEVOET) Owambo Division*
1 SWA Logistics Brigade
91 SWA Brigade
Sector 30 Headquarters
Sector 40 Headquarters
Sector 50 Headquarters
Sector 60 Headquarters
South West African Territory Force (SWATF)
SWATF Headquarters*
Transkei Defence Force
Transkei Defence Headquarters*
1st South African Infantry Brigade
1st South African Infantry Division
2nd South African Infantry Brigade
2nd South African Infantry Division
3rd South African Infantry Division
6th South African Armoured Division
Active Citizen Force (ACF)
Headquarters, 1st South African Infantry Division
Headquarters, 2nd South African Infantry Division
Headquarters, 3rd South African Infantry Division
Headquarters, 6th South African Armoured Division
Permanent Force (PF)
South African Air Force (SAAF)
South African Field Artillery
South African Instructional Corps
South African Naval Forces (SANF)
South African Overseas Expeditionary Force
South African Staff Corps
Union Cadets
Union Defence Force
Military Headquarters of the Venda Defence Force
Venda Defence Force*

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