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Video Documentary from Cuban Perspective
The Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Cuban Victory at the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale
The Last Domino
Exclusive Video Footage of the ANGOLA BATTLEFIELDS TOUR of 2009
Registered users may view these exclusve footage of the Angola Battlefields Tour of 2009 which were accompanied by Col Jan Breytenbach.
La Guerra en Angola (Cuaba) - Documentary in Spanish (Amazing footage!)
"Red Angola" - The Story of an unknown Russian War - The War In Angola (with English transcript)
The story of a totally unknown in Russia war - the war in Angola. In the war years 1975-1992 met the interests of the leading world powers. For some reason, still officially considered that the Soviet troops were there until 1979, when in fact they were withdrawn only in 1992 ... And in that war, the Soviet Union, oddly enough, won.
Secret histories. Africa. Undeclared war. (A Russian documentary)
A Russian documentary about the South African Special Forces or "Reconniassance Commandos". Features interviews with ex-Recces! (Unfortunately no english transcipts available!)
Videos about the History of Angola
SAAF Videos
Videos about the Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974)
Trails & Rails (1930-1939) - British Documentary
Documentary about the construction of railways in West Africa (1930-1939). Includes footage of the construction of the Benguela Railway (Angola). Documentary 10 '42'' produced by British Instructional Films.
Brothers In Arms, South African Defence Force
SADF border war movie: At Thy Call
Operation Packer
Forged In Flames
31/201 Battalion
32 Battalion Parade
Black Stalingrad - the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale
Operation Moduler, 1987
Set of Videos made at the Army Battle School
Exercise Thunder Chariot
Footage of the South African Defense Force (SADF) military exercise, Thunder Chariot, at the Army Battle School Lohathla on 10 September 1984. Also, a march past by 32 battalion.
SADF Technical Services Corps Videos
Cliff Saunder's 1987 Documentary of the SADF
"Buried Behind the Wall" - trailer
A trailer for a film about South Africa's "Bush War", which involved almost 600 000 white male conscripts. The film is told by soldiers who were actually there, on the front line. It is not a political statement nor is it a comprehensive historical blow by blow account.
Kangamba, The Battle of Cangamba, 2-12 August 1983
Kangamba is the film of the siege of Cangamba, which took place in Angola between the 2nd and 12th August 1983.
Tribute to the heroes of Cuba that fought for the liberation of Angola. Video with Photos and Videos of the War of Angola, including images of soldiers in combat and the fallen who are respected heroes for their numerous actions in the mission of the Liberation of Angola.
Soviet Strategy for Conquest of South Africa
In this 1987 presentation, filmed in South Africa before an audience of 1,000, Donald S. McAlvany clearly detailed the Soviet strategy for drenching the African continent in violence and bloodshed.
Video in Spanish: The Angolan Civil War (1975-2002) was the longest conflict in Africa and one of the longest conditioned by the context of the Cold War , fought as an escalation of the War of Independence of Angola, 1961-1974 , which pitted several Angolan movement antagonists, and their respective allies
SADF Basic Training
Videos about the South African Defence Force's Basic Training... the first three months of training of National Servicemen in the Army
Soviet Trench life ( S.Shnurov ) . All series in 1 video
A 5-hour documentary in Russian The project focuses on the daily life of soldiers and officers at the front during various military campaigns : the Great Patriotic War, the Afghan and Chechen wars and operations in Vietnam and Angola.
Contingent, Angola (Russian)
A Russian documentary about the contingent of Soviet advisers deployed in Angola during the Angolan Civil Wars
KOEVOET: 9 Days of War - 1-9 April 1989, South-West Africa
War Video's WARNING GRAPHIC SCENES 9 Days of war - Koevoet 38 Swapo 0 1-9 April 1989 south -West Africa 4th of April 1989 IN MEMORY OF ALL FALLEN KOEVOET COMRADES Exp SGT SAREL VAN TONDER by american photographer and writer: JIM HOOPER.
Road to Cuito Cuanavale - "Нас там быть не могло"
"Road to Cuito Cuanavale" (English subtitles), this is record film about Russian military advisers and specialists of army of Angola which battled against an apartheid in the period of 1986-1989.
SA Border War
Nice video about the Border War in general
The NMR Presentation: What happened at Cuito Cuanavale?
Some Videos by John Dovey
Very nice videos about the SADF posted to Youtube by John Dovey
Into Angola, by Al J. Venter
Documentary "Into Angola" by Al J Venter about the South African incursion into Angola in 1981-1982.
Military Missions of Special Purpose. Angola - "ВОЕННЫЕ МИССИИ ОСОБОГО НАЗНАЧЕНИЯ. Ангола"
The first Soviet military specialists appeared in Angola immediately after the independence of the country on 11 November 1975

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