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Scenario 3a: First Clashes: 47 Brigade – 13 September 1987 (The Second Rumble on the Lomba)

After the First Contact, the FAPLA 47th Brigade pulled back its advance guard for the time being and the brigade settled into defence positions south of the Lomba river. Teams from 5 Recce had marked the brigade’s positions for an air strike by the SAAF during the night of 11 September, but the air strike and an attack by UNITA were cancelled due to the POW exchange involving Captain Du Toit, who was captured in Cabinda in 1985. Their positions were still bombarded by G5’s and MRL’s during the night, causing the brigade to dig in even deeper…



Available South African forces must intercept the force from FAPLA’s 47th Brigade and prevent it from both linking up with 59th Brigade and creating a bridgehead over the Lomba river.



Clear areas in light brown comprises of grass and bush making it easy to conceal infantry, especially when in trenches. The Lomba River is un-fordable. No vehicle can get within 5cm of the river anywhere on its flow across the table without getting bogged down for the duration of the game.

If you plan on playing this scenario as a participant, DO NOT READ the UMPIRE's BRIEFING or any of the individual briefings until a force has been allocated to you by the Umpire. The success and enjoyment of refighting this scenario lies in the participants' ignorance of the size, composition, location and identities of the other participants!

All names marked with asterisk (*) are, while real enough, imaginary in their designations of the units commanded. Positions of units on maps are hypothetical and subject to interpretation of the available texts utilised during research.

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