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The Equipmemt of War...
Featured Equipment & Specifications

I am working on extensive lists for the Angolan/Cuban//Swapo, mostly Soviet supplied equipment, as well as the SADF/Unita equipment used in the War in Angola and generally in the entire Bush War as it was known. This will include land forces and air forces of both sides. The seaborne forces may follow at a later stage, should there be sufficient interest.

I have had a number of requests for comprehensive lists and will periodically post just a list of equipment to this page. As we expand the details and technical specifications of each piece of equipment, they will be added to the outline above.

Any information and photos relating to equipment used will be most appreciated! Please feel free to email such items directly to me. Detailed equipment lists should eventually include:

  • Specifications,
  • Short description and history,
  • A link to the relevant detailed history and specification on WikiPedia,
  • Photos,
  • Video footage,
  • Line diagrams,
  • Specific forums in which to discuss the features and abilities, perfomance and history of each piece of equipment.
  • Links to specific models and wargames-related information of the equipment in various scales.
  • 3D Images of the equipment from various angles.

Please keep in mind, that this is a Work in Progress and that we have a ton of information on equipment not yet listed already! So please do keep on revisiting this page, or feel free to enquire. We will do our utmost to find out.

Regards Johan Schoeman

List of equipment available during the war in Angola
      1. SADF:  
             1.0. All Services  
                   1.0.1 In General  
                SADF Equipment In General View
             1.1. Ground Forces  
                   1.1.1. Tanks  
                Olifant Mk I View
                Olifant Mk I A View
                Olifant ARV View
                Comet View
                Comet Repair Vehicle View
                   1.1.2. Armoured Vehicles  
                Eland-90 View
                Eland-60 View
                Ratel-20 View
                Ratel-20 ARV View
                Ratel-90 View
                Ratel-60 View
                Ratel Command View
                Ratel-81 View
                Ratel-ZT3 (Mongol) View
                Ratel Log View
                Saracen View
                Ferret Mk I View
                Ferret Mk II View
                Casspir Mk II B View
                Blesbok View
                Duiker View
                Gemsbok View
                Bulldog View
                Buffel View
                Buffel Mk I Tractor View
                Bosvark View
                Rinkhals Mk I View
                Wolf II View
                Strandwolf View
                Sterk Hans View
                Hippo View
                Hyena View
                Rhino View
                Ribbok View
                Rooikat Utility Vehicle View
                Zebra View
                Saracen Armoured Ambulance View
                Boggelbees View
                Bosbok APCView
                Onsbok View
                Klonkie View
                Boesman View
                Springfield Bussing Buffel View
                Ratel SS View
                   1.1.3. Artillery  
                G-6 Self-Propelled 155 mm Gun-HowitzerView
                G-5 155 mm Gun-Howitzer View
                G-4 155 mm Gun View
                G-3 155 mm Gun (Long Tom) View
                G-2 140 mm Medium Gun View
                G-1 88 mm Light GunView
                Sexton 88mm SP Gun View
                M-5 120 mm MortarView
                Valkiri-22 Mk 1 127 mm Multiple Rocket LauncherView
                Valkiri-5 107 mm Multiple Rocket LauncherView
                AS80 Artillery Fire-Control System View
                S700 Meteorological Ground Station View
                EMVA Mk 10 B Muzzle Velocity Analyser View
                Mortar Locating Radar System (MLR) CYMBELINE NO 15View
                Sound Locating Equipment Radio Link No 2 MK I View
                Hydrogen Generator View
                Camel Wheel Set View
                50 KVA Three-phase Generator View
                Tellurometer MRA5 View
                ERTEL Gun Theodolite View
                GG1 Automatic Gyroscope View
                Wild T2 Universal Theodolite View
                Varkie Fire Control Post View
                Samil-20 Fire Control Post View
                Buffel Fire Control Post View
                Samil-50 Mine-Protected Fire Control Post View
                   1.1.4. Anti-Aircraft  
                Cactus View
                Tigercat View
                Ystervark View
                GAI-CO1 20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun View
                GDF-002 Twin 35 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun View
                SA-7 Strela Man-Portable SAM View
                Super Fledermaus View
                LPD-20 Search Radar View
                ZU-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Gun View
                20/3 M55 A2 Anii-Aircraft Gun View
                Bofors 40mm L/70 Anti-Aircraft Gun View
                Hilda Fire Control SystemView
                Plessey AR3D Air Defence RadarView
                Plessey Tactical Mobile RadarView
                   1.1.5. Mine Warfare  
                Hotnotsgod View
                Spinnekop View
                Duisendpoot Mk I and Mk IA View
                Road Runner View
                Plofadder View
                MMD-3 Mine Detector View
                Midas Mine Detector View
                R2M1 Anti-Personnel Mine View
                No 8 Anti-Tank Mine View
                   1.1.6. Engineering  
                Skraapkat View
                Waterbuffel View
                G.A. Structure View
                Assault Boat MK IV View
                Grader View
                Mechanical Spade View
                   1.1.7. Infantry Weapons  
                9 mm Super Star PistolView
                Z88 Service PistolView
                BXP View
                R-4 5.56 mm Assault RifleView
                R-5 5.56 mm Assault Rifle View
                R-6 5.56 mm Assault Rifle View
                R-3 7.62 mm Rifle View
                R-2 7.62 mm Rifle View
                R-1 7.62 mm RifleView
                R-1 Heavy Barrel 7.62 mm Rifle View
                G3 7.62 mm RifleView
                Remington 870 Shotgun View
                M79 40 mm Grenade Launcher View
                Meerkat Grenade Launcher View
                37 mm Stopper Grenade Launcher View
                SS-77 GPMG View
                FN MAG 7.62 mm GPMGView
                Bren 7.62 mm MGView
                Vickers 7.62 mm MGView
                MG-4 7.62 mm Vehicle MGView
                M2HB (Browning) 12.7 mm Heavy MGView
                Commando Mortar M-4 Mk IV (PATMOR) View
                M-1 60 mm Mortar View
                M-3 81 mm Mortar View
                M26 Fragmentation Hand Grenade View
                Mills 36 Fragmentation Hand Grenade View
                Stun Grenade View
                Smoke Grenade View
                75 mm HEAT Rifle Grenade View
                   1.1.8. Anti-Tank Weapons  
                ZT3 Anti-Tank Missile View
                Milan Anti-Tank Missile View
                Entac Anti-Tank Missile View
                M40 106 mm Recoilless Rifle View
                RPG-7V View
                88mm Rocket Launcher (M20) View
                LRAC-89 Anti-Tank Free-Flight Missile LauncherView
                FT5 Missile Launcher View
                   1.1.9. Logistic Vehicles  
                Mack Heavy Truck View
                Mack Tank Transporter View
                Mack Heavy Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Mk II Basic Dropside Cargo View
                Samil-100 Cargo-Container View
                Samil-100 Bowser View
                Samil-100 Water Tanker View
                Samil-100 Service Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Workshop Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Mobile Crane View
                Samil-100 Kameel Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Tipper View
                Samil-100 Gun Tractor View
                Samil-100 Canteen Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Beer Cooler View
                Samil-100 Kwêvoël Mk II A View
                Samil-100 Kwêvoël Horse Transporter View
                Samil-100 Kwêvoël MK2 Personnel Transporter View
                Samil-100 Kwêvoël Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-100 Kwêvoël Tanker View
                Bulperd Mine-Protected Recovery Vehicle View
                Withings Mine-Protected Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Mk II Basic Dropside Cargo/Personnel View
                Samil-50 Fuel Tanker View
                Samil-50 Flatbed truck View
                Samil-50 Bridging Equipment Carrier View
                Samil-50 Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Water Tanker View
                Samil-50 Dumper View
                Samil-50 Communications Centre Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Cryptography Office Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Message Centre Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Telecommunications Office Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Telecommunications Repair Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Radio Bin Truck View
                Samil-50 Parts Bin Truck View
                Samil-50 Battery Charger Truck View
                Samil-50 Ammunition Instrumentation Truck View
                Samil-50 Refuse Collection View
                Samil-50 Pantry Refrigerated Truck View
                Samil-50 Mine-Protected Ambulance View
                Samil-50 Mine-Protected Water Tanker View
                Samil-50 Mine-Protected Supply Truck View
                Samil-50 Kwêvoël Recovery Vehicle View
                Samil-50 Shower Unit View
                Samil-50 Office View
                Samil-50 Shelves View
                Samil-50 Welding View
                Samil-20 Mk II Basic Cargo/Personnel View
                Samil-20 Ambulance View
                Samil-20 Lappiespomp View
                Samil-20 Kwêvoël Personnel Carrier View
                Samil-20 Office View
                Samil-20 Container View
                Samil-20 Workshop View
                Samil-20 Bty Charge View
                Samil-20 Cable Laying View
                Samil-20 COMSEN View
                Samil-20 Tel Repair View
                Sakom-120 General Purpose Truck View
                Tierkat Mine Protected Cargo Truck View
                Unimog View
                Unimog Ambulance View
                Bedford MK-Series Truck View
                Bedford R-Series Truck View
                Bedford R-Series Gun TractorView
                Magirus-Deutz Truck View
                Magirus-Deutz gun Tractor View
                Mercedes-Benz Gun Tractor View
                Land Rover Short Base View
                Land Rover w/106mm View
                Land Rover Long Base View
                Land Rover Ambulance View
                Willys Jeep View
                Willys Jeep 106mm AT Vehicle View
                Willys Jeep AT Missile Vehicle View
                Field Kitchen View
                Kriek Mk I Motorcycle View
                0.5 ton Trailer View
                Water Cart View
                5 ton Trailer View
                3 ton Trailer View
                2 ton Trailer View
                1 ton Trailer View
                0.75 ton Trailer View
                Trailer Generator 7.5KVA View
                Trailer Generator 15KVA View
                Training Media Trailer View
                Workshop Trailer View
                Albatross Recovery Vehicle View
                Mobile Medical Post View
                Mobile Operating Theatre View
                Albatross Mine-Protected Logistic Vehicle View
                Albatross Tractor View
                Mobile Blood Bank View
                Civilian-type Car View
                   1.1.10. Electronic Equipment  
                Laser Range-Finder View
                Night Driver Scope View
                KOT II Night Observation Binoculars View
                Miniature Night Sight (MNV) View
                Miniature Combat Night Sight View
                A-53 Manpack VHF/FM Radio View
                B-57 Vehicle VHF/FM Radio View
                A-55 Manpack VHF/FM Transceiver View
                B-56 Vehicle VHF/FM Transceiver View
                B-25 Manpack HF/SSB Tranceiver View
                B-26 Vehicle HF/SSB Transceiver View
                C-28 ECCM Vehicle System View
                DT-200 Desk-Top Terminal View
                DT-170 Hand-Held Data Entry Terminal View
                   1.1.11. Personal Equipment  
                Bags Duffel View
                Bags Polish View
                Bags Shelter View
                Bags Toiletries View
                Boots Pairs View
                Caps Balaclava View
                Containers Soap View
                Disc ID Complete View
                Drawers Nutria View
                Gloves Pairs View
                Hats Jungle View
                Housewives Sewing Kits View
                Jackets Field Dress View
                Lanyards Knife Clasp View
                Mirrors View
                Pullovers Nutria View
                Name Tags Nutria View
                Raincoats Nylon View
                Sandals Pairs View
                Scarf View
                Shelter View
                Shirts Field Dress View
                Shirts "T" View
                Shorts Gym Pairs View
                Socks Cushionsole Pairs View
                Towels Hand Nutria View
                Towels Nutria View
                Towels Patrol View
                Trousers Field Dress Pairs View
                Vests Gym Nutria View
                Badges Rank View
                Web Equipment Pattern-70 Complete View
                Webbing Back Pack Pattern-70 View
                Tins Mess Sets View
                Cutlery Sets View
                Rolls Tools Complete View
                Bible Pocket Size View
                Field Dressing View
                Bags sleeping View
                Webbing Belt View
                Utility Rope 5-foot View
                Utility Rope 14-foot View
                Helmet Steel M1963 "OTAN" w/Liner View
                Camo Netting for Helmet, Steel View
                Esbit View
                   1.1.12. Psychological Warfare  
                Ground Shout System View
             1.2. Air Force  
                   1.2.1. Fighters  
                Mirage F-1CZ View
                Mirage F-1AZ View
                Mirage III CZ View
                Mirage III BZ View
                Mirage III EZ View
                Mirage III DZ View
                Mirage III D2Z View
                Mirage III RZ View
                Mirage III R2Z View
                Impala Mk II View
                Impala Mk I View
                   1.2.2. Strike Aircraft  
                Buccaneer S Mk 50 View
                Canberra B(1)12 View
                   1.2.3. Helicopters  
                Alouette II View
                Alouette III View
                Puma View
                Super Frelon View
                Wasp View
                   1.2.4. Light Aircraft  
                Kudu View
                Cessna 185 View
                Harvard View
                Seeker Unmannd Aerial Vehicle (UAV) View
                   1.2.5. Transport Aircraft  
                C-130 B Hercules View
                C-160 Transall View
                Dakota View
                DC-4 View
                   1.2.6. Maritime Patrol Aircraft  
                Albatross P-166 S View
                Shackleton View
                   1.2.7. Weapons  
                V3B Air-To-Air Missile View
                CB-470 Cluster Bomb View
                120 kg Fragmentation Bomb View
                120 kg Low-Drag High Explosive Bomb View
                250 kg Low-Drag High Explosive Bomb View
                460 kg High Explosive Bomb View
                H-2 Glide Bomb View
                68 mm Air-To-Surface RocketsView
                GA-1 Aircraft Gun SystemView
                GA-1 20 mm CannonView
      2. FAPLA/CUBAN  
             2.0. All Services  
                   2.0.1. In General  
                Soviet Equipment In General View
             2.1. Ground Forces  
                   2.1.1. Tanks  
                PT-76 View
                T-34/85 View
                T-54 View
                T-55 View
                T-62 View
                BTS-2 ARVView
                   2.1.2. Armoured Vehicles  
                BMP-1 View
                BMP-1KSh (command) View
                BMP-1R View
                BMP-2 View
                BRDM-2 (also with AT-3 Sagger) View
                BTR-60PU Command View
                BRDM (BTR-40) View
                BTR-60PB View
                BTR-152V Closed Top View
                BTR-50 View
                BTR-152V Open Top View
                BTR-60PA View
                BTR-152V SP Mortar View
                EE-11 Urutu View
                   2.1.3. Artillery  
                2S1 122 mm Self Propelled Howitzer View
                D-30 122 mm Gun View
                M-46 130 mm Gun View
                GRAD-P1 122mm Rockel Launcher View
                ZIS-3 76 mm Gun View
                BM-14 140 mm MRL View
                BM-21 122 mm MRL View
                M-43 120 mm Mortar View
                   2.1.4. Anti-Aircraft  
                ZPU-1 14.5mm AA View
                ZPU-2 Twin 14.5mm AA View
                ZPU-4 Quad 14.5mm AA View
                M-55 triple-20mm AA towed View
                ZU-23-2 AA View
                Armoured KrAZ-255B with ZU-23-2 AA "Paquito"View
                ZSU-23-4 SPAA Shilka View
                M1939 37mm AA View
                S-60 57mm AA View
                ZSU-57-2 SP 57mm AA View
                SA-7 Strela Shoulder launched View
                SA-2 Guideline Fixed site View
                SA-3 Goa Fixed site View
                SA-6 Gainful Mobile tracked View
                SA-8 Gecko Mobile wheeled View
                SA-9 Gaskin Mobile wheeled View
                SA-13 Gopher Mobile tracked View
                SA-14 Shoulder launched View
                SA-16 Shoulder launched View
                   2.1.5. Mine Warfare  
                PMK-40 Anti=Personnel Mine View
                PMN Anti-Personnel Mine View
                OZM Series Anti-Personnel Mine View
                PMD Series Anti-Personnel Mines View
                POMZ-2 and POMZ-2M Anti-Personnel Mines View
                TMB-2 Anti-Tank Mine View
                TMSB Anti-Tank Mine View
                TMD-B and TMD-44 Anti-Tank Mines View
                TM46, TMN46 and TM57 Anti-Tank Mines View
                DM General Purpose Mine View
                IMP Mine Detector View
                   2.1.6. Engineering  
                BAT-M Engineers Vehicle View
                TMM Bridge View
                MTU-20 Bridge Layer View
                GSP Ferry View
                PTSM View
                PMP Bridge View
                BTR-50 Mine Clearer (MTK) View
                MDK 2M Rotary Excavator View
                ST210 Mobile Crane View
                T-55 With Dozer Blade View
                Minerollers for MBT View
                   2.1.7. Anti-Tank Weapon  
                B-10 82 mm Anti-Tank Gun View
                B-11 107 mm Anti-Tank Gun View
                SD-44 85 mm Anti-Tank Gun View
                T-12 100 mm Anti-Tank Gun View
                SPG-9 Anti-Tank Gun View
                RPG-2 Anti Tank Missile Launcher View
                RPG7, RPG7V, and RPG7D Anti-Tank Missile Laun View
                AT-2 Swatter Anti-Tank Guided Missile View
                AT-3 Sagger Anti-Tank Guided Missile View
                   2.1.8. Infantry Weapons  
                Tokarev TT33 Pistol View
                Makarov PM Pistom View
                PPSh41 Sub Machine Gun View
                Mosin-Nagant Rifle View
                SKS Simonov Carbine View
                Kalashnikov AK-47 Rifle View
                Kalashnikov AKS-47 Rifle View
                DP 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun View
                RPD 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun View
                Goryunov SGM 7.62 mm Machine Gun View
                SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle View
                Kalashnikov AKMS Rifle View
                RPK 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun View
                PKMS 7.62 mm General Purpose Machine gun View
                PKM 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun View
                DShK 38.46 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun View
                KPV Vladimirov 14.5 mm Heavy Machine gun View
                Kalashnikov AKM Rifle View
                M37 82 mm Medium Mortar View
                AGS-17 30 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher View
                PGN-60 HEAT Rifle Grenade View
                RDG-2 Smoke Hand Grenade View
                RGD-5 Defensive Hand Grenade View
                RKG3/3M/3T Anti-Tank Hand Grenade View
                F1 Defensive Hand Grenade View
                M2 60 mm Light Mortar View
                RG42 Defensive Hand Grenade View
                ZPU-2 Dual Barrel 14.5 mm Heavy Machine Gun View
                ZPU-1 14.5 mm Heavy Machine Gun View
                   2.1.9. Logistic Vehicles  
                Gaz-69 Jeep View
                UAZ-469 Jeep View
                Gaz-66 Light Truck View
                Gaz-66 Box Body View
                Gaz-66 Van Body View
                Gaz-66 Ambulance View
                KrAZ-219/255B Heavy Truck View
                Ural-375 Medium Truck View
                Zil-131 Heavy Truck View
                Zil Tanker View
                Engesa EE-25 Light Truck View
                Berliet GBC 8KT Tramalgal Light Truck View
                KamAZ-4310 General Utility Truck View
                POL Trailer View
                Cargo Trailer View
                   2.1.10. Electronic Equipment  
                Fan Song Target-Tracking Radar View
                Side-Net Height Finder View
                P-12 Spoon Rest Surveillance Radar View
                P-15 Flat Face Acquisition Radar View
                Low Blow Tracking and Missile Guidance Radar View
                Straight Flush Tracking and Missile Guidance Radar View
                Long Track Target Acquisition Radar View
                Thin Skin Height Finding Radar View
                Land Roll Radar System View
                Dog Ear Search Radar View
                Gun Dish Radar View
                Bar Lock Surveillance And Target Acquisition Radar View
                Pat Hand Radar View
                NSP2 Infra-Red Night Sight View
                PPN2 Infra-Red Night Sight View
             2.2. Air Force  
                   2.2.1. Fighters  
                MiG-15UTI Midget View
                MiG-17F View
                MIG-19 View
                MiG-21bis, MF Fishbed-L View
                Mig-23ML, UB Flogger-B View
                   2.2.2. Strike Aircraft  
                Su-22 Fitter-C View
                   2.2.3. Helicopters  
                Mi-8 Hip View
                Mi-17 Hip View
                Mi-24 Hind View
                Mi-25 Hind D View
                SA-316B Alouette III View
                IAR-316B Alouette III View
                SA-342 Gazelle View
                SA-365N Dauphin View
                SA-315B Lama View
                   2.2.4. Light Aircraft  
                PC-7 Turbo-Trainer View
                PC-9 View
                Cessna 172 View
                Yak-11 Moose View
                   2.2.5. Transport Aircraft  
                An-2 ColtView
                An-12 Cub View
                An-26 Curl View
                An-32 Cline View
                CASA C.212 Aviocar View
                BN-2A Islander View
                Douglas C-47 Dakota View
                Do-27 View
                Nord 262 View
                PC-6B Turbo-Porter View
                L-100-30 View
                TU-134A Crusty View
                Yak-40 Codling View
                Commander 690A View
                Il-62M Passenger Airliner View
                   2.2.6. Weapons  
                AA-2 Atoll Air-To-Air Missile View
                AA-8 Aphid Air-To-Air Missile View
                R-24T Air-To-Air Missile View
                R-60M Air-To-Air Missile View
                R-73E Air-To-Air Missile View
                30 mm NR-30 Cannon View
                23 mm GSh-23 Cannon View
                500 kg Free Fall Bomb View
                Rocket Pods View
                Cannon Pods View
      3. UNITA  
             3.0. All Services  
                   3.0.1. In General  
                UNITA Equipment In General View
             3.1. Ground Forces  
                   3.1.1. Tanks  
                Captured T-54 View
                Captured T-55 View
                Captured T-34/85 View
                   3.1.2. Armoured Vehicles  
                Captured BTR-60PB View
                Captured BTR-152V View
                Captured BRDM-2 View
                   3.1.3. Artillery  
                M-46 130 mm View
                D-30 122 mm View
                Type 63 107 mm MRL View
                BM-21 122 mm MRL View
                M-43 120mm Mortar View
                   3.1.4. Anit-Aircraft  
                ZU-23-2 23 mm AA View
                ZPU-2 14.5 mm AA View
                Stinger View
                SA-7 Strela View
                   3.1.5. Mine Warfare  
                POMZ-2 and POMZ-2M AP Mines View
                TMB-2 AT Mine View
                   3.1.6. Anti-Tank Weapons  
                RPG-7 View
                Milan Guided Missile View
                SD-44 85 mm AT Gun View
                TOW Guided Missile View
                106 mm Recoilless Rifle View
                   3.1.7. Infantry Weapons  
                Kalashnikov AK47 Rifle View
                PKM 7.62 mm LMG View
                DShK 38.46 12.7 mm HMG View
                ZPU-1 14.5 mm HMG View
                M37 82 mm Mortar View
                AGS-17 30 mm Grenade Launcher View
                RDG-2 Smoke Grenade View
                F1 Hand Grenade View
                   3.1.8. Logistic Vehicles  
                Gaz-69 Utility View
                Gaz-66 Truck View
                Unimog Light Truck View
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Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET


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