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FAPLA Equipment & Specifications
BTR-152 twin 14.5mm Air Defence/ Ground Support Vehicle

The BTR-152 twin 14.5mm is an air defense or ground support vehicle, armed with double (ZPTU-2) 14.5 mm KPV antiaircraft heavy machine guns (2400 rounds) in a turret manually operated by a single soldier. The turret is placed inside the troop compartment. It can make a full turn and it's guns can elevate between -5 and +80 degrees. The vehicle is of all-welded steel construction with sloped armour, and the windscreen is protected by twin armoured shutters with integral vision blocks. There are doors on each side of the crew compartment where the driver and commander enter and exit the vehicle. Both crew members can have a side view due to the upper part of the doors that can be opened without opening the entire door. The armour of between 9mm and 15mm provides modest protection from small arms fire and small shell fragments, but does nothing against larger artillery fragments or heavy machinegun fire. The tires are particularly vulnerable to puncture from gunfire of all kinds. There are three firing ports on each side of the hull, and a further two in the rear. The driver and gunner are the only ones that have overhead protection. 

FAPLA BTR-152 14.5mm Air Defence/ Ground Support Vehicle

1/300th scale miniature supplied and painted by Johan Schoeman of the Peninsula Wargames Group


Weight 9.91 tonnes

6.55 m

Width 2.32 m

2.04 m (without the mg) 2.36 m (with the mg)

Crew 2 (+18 passengers)

welded steel 15 mm front 9 mm sides and rear 10 mm roof 4 mm bottom

Primary armament double (ZPTU-2) 14.5 mm KPV antiaircraft heavy machine guns (2400 rounds)
Engine 6 cylinder in-line petrol 82 kW at 3,000 rpm.
Power/weight 8.3 kW/tonne

wheeled 6×6

Operational Rnge 650 km
Speed 75 km/h

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