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About The War In Angola
21 Brigade tries again: 22 September 1987
21 Brigade tries again: 22 September 1987
21 Brigade tries again: Historical Account

Fapla were at that time devoting their attention to the resupply of their three brigades in the Lomba River area. 47 Brigade and 21 Brigade, in particular, had used up prodigious quantities of ammunition and fuel, and all three were short of most items. 25 Brigade pushed through a logistic convoy of 148 vehicles to 21 Brigade, reaching it on 15 September. 21 Brigade then took the convoy down to the Lomba and across the Cunzumbia to replenish 59 Brigade, deployed at the confluence with the Lomba. Their most difficult problem, though, was how to move supplies through to 47 Brigade. The decision was that 21 Brigade should cross the Lomba and set up a bridgehead, to which 47 Brigade would then advance from its position just south of the Lomba-Cuzizi confluence, to replenish on arrival. First, however, 21 Brigade had to cross the Lomba.

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