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UNITA 275th Semi-Regular Battalion

* Pease note that all the information contained herein are pure conjecture and subject to confirmation by the parties involved. The sole purpose of this Order of Battle is for the use of refighting the respective battles in miniature as a tactical wargame.


275th UNITA Semi-Regular Battalion, with

            1 command section (2 Officers, 3 NCOs, 1 radio operator)

            3 infantry companies, each with

                        1 command section (2 officers, 2 NCO’s, radio operator)

                        3 infantry platoons, each with

                                    2 infantry sections (1 NCO, 9 men with AK47s)

                                    1 close support section, with

                                                1 60mm mortar team (NCO + 1 man)

                                                2 LMG team (2 men)

                                                2 RPG-7 teams (2 men)

            1 weapons battery, with

                        3 82mm mortars

                        3 mortar teams (NCO + 3 men)

                        3 75mm RR

                        3 crew teams (NCO + 3 men)



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