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About The War In Angola
59 Brigade ambushes Combat Group Alpha: Historical Account

Extract taken with the author's permission from: “War In Angola - The Final South African Phase“, by Helmoed-Römer Heitman (See Bibliography) For the Background and the Run-up to Intervention, get the book! *

Combat Groups Alpha and Bravo were in their forward assembly areas by 03h40 on 17 October. Moving out, they soon came across fresh tank tracks leading to the west. Turning to follow the Fapla force, they were forced by the very thick bush to follow in their tracks. Combat Group Alpha advanced behind a screen of Unita infantry, with Lotter's B Company leading and Combat Group Bravo following. The force moved in two extended columns, having learned not to deploy too early in the thick bush of the region, which would very quickly disrupt all control.

Combat Group Bravo deployed to the north of the attacking force together with other Unita light infantry elements.

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