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About The War In Angola
The Last Attacks of Moduler: 25-26 November 1987
The Last Attacks of Moduler: 25-26 November 1987
Last Attacks of Moduler: Historical Account

Extract taken with the author's permission from: “War In Angola - The Final South African Phase“, by Helmoed-Römer Heitman (See Bibliography)
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The Course of the Attack, 25 November
The combat groups moved up during the night as planned, and the Task Force Headquarters settled into its new position south-west of the Chambinga source.

The first action was by the air forces; Angolan fighters flew a rocket attack on Alpha at 11h50, and others attacked Quebec Battery at 14h48. Neither attack caused casualties or damage.

SAAF activity opened at 12h52 with an attack by four Mirage F-lAZs on the 25 Brigade positions north-west of the Chambinga bridge. The Brigade later reported that it had suffered casualties and that its situation was "bad". The commander of the Air Defence Brigade (DAA) was killed in this attack, and a number of SAM vehicles were damaged. 25 Brigade was in any case now down to a few SAMs, and neither the SAM systems nor the anti-aircraft guns fired during this attack.

Eight Mirage F-1AZs attacked an element of 59 Brigade moving on the road south of the Cuatir at 17h11, causing serious confusion and some casualties.


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Battle Roll of Honour (A Work In Progress - please send more information)
YearForce NumberName and RankDate of DeathUnitService
198783463794BGMeyer J.R., Tpr1987/11/2532 BattalionSouth African Army

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