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About The War In Angola
The Portuguese Colony of Angola

When the Portuguese explorer, Diego Cão, appeared at the mouth of the Congo River with his caravelle in 1482, and started sailing southward, he and his men were the first Europeans to see the coast of Angola. That was the beginning of a once heartily relationship between Portugal and the Congolese Kingdom, which was located on both sides of the Lower-Congo, in the spirit of Prince Henry the Navigator, already dead for 22 years.

Thereafter the Portuguese conquered a worldwide colonial empire to the East, South America, and elsewhere in Africa. Spain, the Netherlands, England and France followed their example and colonial competition increased sharply. This negatively affected the relations between Portugal and the Congolese Kingdom.

The Portuguese interests shifted from the Congo southward towards the island of Luanda and from there inland along the Cuanza River. Here the Portuguese came in touch with the Ndongo Kingdom of the Mbundu nation. Their king was called the Ngola, from which the name of Angola was derived.

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