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1 April 2011

Due to Page Sponsorships having only covered the free distribution of the first eight issues (which I stretched on for another four), I am no longer able to send out the Newsletters as attachments to the War In Angola Announcements Bulk Email. This will be in effect from Volume 1, Issue 13, dated 1 April 2011. It means that you will no longer receive the Newsletter as PART of your email, but that you will have to LOG ON and download the Newsletter yourself every week. Public Users will no longer have direct access to the Newsletter, only Registered Users (which includes all PREMIUM MEMBERS as well).

Only PREMIUM MEMBERS will continue to receive the Newsletter as an attachment. 

The Newsletter remains free, except that it can only be downloaded by Registered Users.

Registration to this site is free, and if you are not a Registered User as yet, you can Register here...

If you ARE a Registered member then use the Login entry boxes and button in the top right column on this page to LOG IN.

Once logged in, you will see all subsequent Newsletters from Issue 13 made available for download. There will continue to be four different quality versions for each Newsletter to facilitate your best printing and download requirements.

All Registered Users will still receive an e-mail with the War In Angola Announcements which will announce each issue as they are released, with a link to THIS page.

Should you be unable to log in and download the newsletters, please do not hesitate to notify me so that I can make an alternative plan. I really do NOT want to deny any Registered User of his copy of the WIA Newsletter...;-)

All the best and enjoy. Thank you for your feedback and support.


Johan Schoeman

Page Sponsorships. Companies can sponsor (and thereby advertise their name) single pages of the War In Angola Newsletter, contributing towards the costs of hosting and bandwidth and sending out the Newsletters freely to all users. As soon as I have sponsorships for at least 50% of the pages, I can start attaching the Newsletter to the WIA Announcements Bulk Email again.

The cost of sponsoring a page is nominal, amounting to R300 ($45 or £30) per single page (there are 12 pages in every issue) for a period of two months, or across 8 issues! It gets sent out to every registered user, of which there are some 800 at the moment! This figure increases by between 30 and 60 new users every month.

If you are interested in sponsoring a page, please let me know by emailing me at


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