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Medals and Decorations of the South African Armed Forces


Medals and Decorations of the South African Defence Force (SADF)


(1952-2003) Carried over from the 1952-75 series of awards. Awarded to members of the Citizen Force for 20 years' service and who are considered deserving of the award. A silver clasp, 31,8mm by 6,4mm, with the letters 'JCD' in the centre, was added after 30 years service and, from 1977 to 1987, a second clasp could be awarded after 40 years service. It is worn on the ribbon of the John Chard Decoration. The design of the John Chard Decoration is similar to that of the medal, except that it is made of silver and the words 'Decoration' and 'Dekorasie' appear at the bottom edge. Recipients are authorised to use the post-nominal title 'JCD'. From 1977 to 1986, however, this post-nominal title could not be used unless the award. had been made before 1977. Both John Chard honours are suspended by means of rings from identical ribbons. The ribbon is dark red with narrow dark blue stripes forming the edges. The red and blue stripes are separated by two thin white stripes. For both awards, the service arm of the recipient, at the time of granting, is indicated by a miniature silver emblem worn on the ribbon of the award as follows: For the South African Army, crossed swords; for the South African Air Force, an eagle; and for the South African Navy, a fouled anchor. On service and undress uniforms, when medal ribbons only are worn, the award of the John Chard Decoration is indicated by a silver button bearing the letters 'JCD', which is fixed to the ribbon. In 1986, permission was granted to Citizen Force members, who were holders of both the John Chard Decoration and Medal, to wear both simultaneously. In 2003, the African National Congress-led Government of South Africa introduced a new set of military decorations and medals. The John Chard Decoration and Medal are among the awards that were abolished for political reasons.
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