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Medals and Decorations of the South African Armed Forces


Medals and Decorations of the South African Defence Force (SADF)


(From 1974) For service in preventing or suppressing terrorism or, from 1977, in defence of South Africa, during the Border War between 26 August 1966 and 21 March 1990. Qualifying service was 55 (originally 60) days in an operational area, or being involved in combat or a skirmish, or being wounded or killed in action. Criteria: (Rule 5 published in GG 5171 dated 25/06/1976) The medal may be awarded to a person who, while performing service in defence of the Republic or for the prevention or suppression of terrorism: (a) was involved in combat or skirmish or in a combat situation with the enemy; or (b) participated in a specific operation that shall be acknowledged by order of the Minister by means of the medal and a clasp indicating the name of the operation concerned; or (c) rendered such service for a continuous period of at least 60 days in an operational area designated for that purpose by the Minister. This ruling gave it the characteristics of a combat award. A Warrant dated 18/05/1977 amended the period of service to at least 55 days or for a non continuous period of at least 90 days in an operational area designated by the Minister. (Amended Rule 5 published in GG 5575 dated 03/06/1977) Rule 5a of G.G. no. 1261 dated 3 November 1989 extended the condition to an incident caused by enemy activities (which would not necessarily be on the border.)
Non-Military Decorations

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