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South African Air Force - SAAF

Some Air Force Units of the SADF
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Members of the SA Air Force on the Roll of Honour
YearForce NumberRankNameDate Of DeathUnit
1962P21813MajLawrenson, A.D. (AFC)1962/03/12Wklt Flt, AFB Waterkloof
1962PX23850 2 Lt De Bruine J.A. 1962/06/151 Squadron SAAF
1962P8353SgtFoote A.R.1962/08/172 Squadron SAAF
1962PX22816LtMartin K.L.1962/08/1717 Squadron SAAF
1962P48888 CO Jones L.L. 1962/09/084 Squadron SAAF
1963P48525Air MecHattingh P.J.1963/03/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P51063COHattingh M.M.1963/07/18Air Operations School
1963P50083PteChamberlain J.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P20554CplVorster M.C.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P20356CplViljoen C.P.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P1/7993CplTaljaard M.J.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P23845CplBrodreiss M.A.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P17877SgtSheasby D.H.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P4895WO2Scully S.S.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963PX50506COStrauss D.I.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963PX488422 LtDu Plooy C.A.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963PX24862LtSmith G.J.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P20965LtCoetzee A.G.W.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963P22051CaptSivertsen T.H.1963/08/0825 Squadron SAAF
1963P21805CaptLabuschagne J.G.1963/08/0835 Squadron SAAF
1963B70171 Capt Davies R.W. 1963/08/1740 Squadron SAAF
1963PX488392 LtBotha H.A.1963/10/1617 Squadron SAAF
1964P47567Air MecRothman L.J.L.1964/01/138 Squadron SAAF
1964PX50501 2 Lt Brits J.T. 1964/01/138 Squadron SAAF
1964PX47750FdctPotgieter I.C.1964/12/0742 Army Air Reconnaissance Squadron; 42 Squadron SAAF
1965B70291 Lt Oltmann R.J. 1965/01/125 Squadron SAAF
19656001910 Air Mec Jarmain R.L. 1965/03/237 Squadron SAAF
1965PX50483 2 Lt Le Roux J.J. 1965/03/238 Squadron SAAF
1965PX23859 Lt Schlesinger L.B. 1965/06/291 Squadron SAAF
1965PX50440CaptMaxwell P.1965/06/29Central Flying School
196563098305PE Air Mec Bolzern J.R. 1965/08/213 Satellite Radar Station
1965P54466 Air Mec Delport J.J. 1965/08/3140 Squadron SAAF
19661220466 Capt Shawe G.N. 1966/01/0817 Squadron SAAF
19665246103 Cpl Moolman F.H. 1966/01/0817 Squadron SAAF
196601505001RLtWinterbach T.J.1966/04/2117 Squadron SAAF
196624031CplMorton H.G.1966/04/2117 Squadron SAAF
19661248483LtDay H.A.1966/04/261 Squadron SAAF
196601504919RLtRoos I.P.1966/05/111 Squadron SAAF
196605576582PECOJoubert C.C.J.1966/07/13Air Operations School
1966 CO Howson G A K. 1966/08/2541 Squadron SAAF
196765675753PE Air Mec Schoeman A.H. 1967/06/211 Squadron SAAF
19676600076PE 2 Lt Foxon A.S. 1967/11/0317 Squadron SAAF
196707228794E Cpl Steyn J.C. 1967/11/0317 Squadron SAAF
196865588774R2 LtPoorter B.J.1968/01/165 Squadron SAAF
196865416976EAir MecJoubert P.J.1968/02/0724 Squadron SAAF
196805518972PEAir MecBrummer J.R.1968/03/04Air Operations School Langebaanweg
196801204205ECaptMouton A.J.1968/03/27Air Operations School
196801506484R Lt Viljoen J. 1968/06/111 Squadron SAAF
196865636458PE 2 Lt Bosch A.F. 1968/07/0144 Squadron SAAF
196805572722PE 2 Lt Du Toit C.F. 1968/10/291 Squadron SAAF
196866307414PE 2 Lt Hefer I.A. 1968/12/065 Squadron SAAF
196966566647ELtVan Heerden J.H.1969/01/0742 Squadron SAAF
196963310791ECOKrugel M.J.H.1969/04/094 Squadron SAAF
196967866723ELtWeilbach A.1969/05/034 Squadron SAAF
196968010198R2 LtLe Roux A.1969/07/298 Squadron SAAF
196901219401EMajOdendaal S.S.1969/10/1624 Squadron SAAF
196901238658EMajWebb P.1969/10/1624 Squadron SAAF
196901238361E Maj Britz J.P. (LWD) 1969/11/261 Squadron SAAF
197064247240E CO Van Deventer P.J. 1970/06/2342 Squadron SAAF
197065362832R 2 Lt Van Sittert J. 1970/06/2342 Squadron SAAF
197068408459N Pte Goosen A.J. 1970/09/181 Air Depot
197001181007ECmdtVan Heerden J.F.1970/10/1424 Squadron SAAF
197101238484E Maj Beetge N. 1971/05/2624 Squadron SAAF
197101240472E Maj Euvrard G.J. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101239243E Maj Genis Mc de G. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197105559893E Cpl Grobler R.N. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197165480436E L/Cpl Hayes E.L. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101217140E Cmdt Henning L.A.F. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101455849E Maj Lamoral H.H.A.M.C. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101556794R Capt Lombard D.DU.P 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101204197E Maj Prinsloo W.A. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197101520345E Capt Snyman G.N. 1971/05/2624 Squadron SAAF
197165533705E Pte Wasserman G.H. 1971/05/2621 Squadron SAAF
197105177225ESgtBlom J.G.1971/11/2522 Flight, 22 Squadron SAAF
197105544929ECplStork J.1971/11/2522 Flight, 22 Squadron SAAF
197105577044VCaptTiedt C.J.1971/11/2522 Flight, 22 Squadron SAAF
197167012484ECplVan Rensburg N.F.1971/11/2522 Flight, 22 Squadron SAAF
197265430373V2 LtBurger J.D.1972/01/106 Squadron SAAF
197265451726ECplWarren J.C.1972/02/102 Squadron SAAF
197367245654V2 LtKolver J.P.1973/05/126 Squadron SAAF
197361286936ECaptBrits A.J.1973/06/138 Squadron SAAF
197366280983V 2 Lt Alberts H.W. 1973/06/191 Squadron SAAF
197305563861ECaptSmith C.L.1973/08/214 Squadron SAAF; 85 Advanced Flying Schoo
197301506492ECaptVan Zyl F.R.1973/08/2185 Combat Flying School SAAF
197364411729V2 LtYates C.1973/08/2185 Combat Flying School SAAF
197366400839KV2 LtSnaddon D.L.J.1973/08/21101 Air Commando Squadron; 85 Combat Flying School SAAF
197365944100ECaptAntonis B.M.1973/11/2424 Squadron SAAF
197365503161VCaptDu Preez H.1973/11/2424 Squadron SAAF
197301248392EMajSteinberg J.J.S.1973/11/2424 Squadron SAAF
197301505056EMajVice C.R.1973/11/2424 Squadron SAAF
197467280784E2 LtBonthuys J.H.L.1974/04/1311 Squadron SAAF
197471222913BTPteHuman J.H.1974/04/1311 Squadron SAAF
19748458861 Lt Lotz H.C. 1974/08/0341 Squadron SAAF
197468350693V 2 Lt Gouws A.S. 1974/08/274 Squadron SAAF
197569342640R2 LtFranklin C.S.1975/03/127 Squadron SAAF
197564076110E Lt Clark G.H. 1975/03/2117 Squadron SAAF
197505523584ESgtPretorius C.H.1975/03/2117 Squadron SAAF
197564203243ESgtCrause J.J.1975/05/0916 Squadron SAAF
197505533419PE Sgt Labuschagne D.J. 1975/06/1919 Squadron SAAF
19755506258 Capt Law G.D. 1975/07/1740 Squadron SAAF
197501488550PE Maj Uys P.B. 1975/10/2917 Squadron SAAF
197573436537BAPteLaidlaw K.E.1975/11/0415 Squadron SAAF
197568436005PM 2 Lt Cox J.H. 1975/11/105 Squadron SAAF
197566507781PE Sgt Van Tonder C.A.P. 1975/11/105 Squadron SAAF
197571225163PMLtThompson E.B.1975/11/2511 Squadron SAAF
197570527999PELtWilliamson K.A.1975/11/2511 Squadron SAAF
197569475861(9)PESgtVan Rensburg P.B.1975/12/2317 Squadron SAAF
197665654006PECaptDe Wit C.D.1976/01/0419 Squadron SAAF
197605547609PECaptImmelman F.1976/01/0419 Squadron SAAF
197665749400PESgtKellett G.W.1976/01/0419 Squadron SAAF
197605518907PEWO2Hamilton K.H.1976/03/21250 Air Defence Artillery Group
197666000134PEMajCarter R.H.1976/05/0627 Squadron SAAF
197667292300PMCaptRossouw G.M.A.1976/05/0627 Squadron SAAF
197670388129PE2 LtWinterbottom K.R. (HC)1976/06/094 Squadron SAAF
197674525767PE Pte Geyser I.J.J. 1976/07/1419 Squadron SAAF
197669250231PE Cpl Van der Merwe C.L. 1976/07/1411 Squadron SAAF, 19 Squadron SAAF
197670264742PK 2 Lt Janse van Rensburg M.A. 1976/07/1411 Squadron SAAF, 42 Squadron SAAF
197672227390BA Pte Van Rooyen G.N. 1976/07/1419 Squadron SAAF
1976 Sgt Van Biljon S.G. 1976/12/24Central Flying School
197765837791PELtLiddell N.B.1977/02/2217 Squadron SAAF; Sector 70 Headquarters
197701550540PEMajKerr J.McFW1977/08/175 Squadron SAAF
197766000068PE Maj Moody B.L. 1977/08/178 Squadron SAAF
197769533016BT 2 Lt Sarbutt P.C. 1977/08/2040 Squadron SAAF
197708458846BV Capt Smith K.N. 1977/08/2040 Squadron SAAF
197770393939PMLtPurdon J.M.1977/10/0411 Squadron SAAF
197705533781PM Capt Bezuidenhout D. 1977/10/2015 Squadron SAAF
197772523244PM 2 Lt Burger D.P. 1977/10/2015 Squadron SAAF
197705501481PE Sgt Van der Merwe W.A.J. 1977/10/2015 Squadron SAAF
197705460308PECmdtVan Rooyen G.H.T.S.1977/10/20250 Air Supply Unit
197774362088PE CO Genis G. 1977/12/134 Squadron SAAF
197871358170PE 2 Lt Mare P.M.D. 1978/06/016 Squadron SAAF
197866364316PMCaptBrinkworth A.H.1978/08/0324 Squadron SAAF
197875504928BGPteKidd M.1978/11/05AFB Hoedspruit
197969325843PELtDuncan K.B.1979/01/0924 Squadron SAAF
197973272924PELtWahl P.P.1979/01/0928 Squadron SAAF
197965851354PEMajBrits F.W.C.1979/02/153 Squadron SAAF
197973455123PE2 LtDoyle O.J.1979/03/1412 Squadron SAAF
1979 LtMarais D.W.1979/03/1412 Squadron SAAF
197974260910BCPteNel L.G.1979/03/193 Squadron SAAF
197976340942BCCplJordaan G.J.1979/07/082 Satellite Radar Station
197974299181LtOsborne N.D.1979/09/0619 Squadron SAAF
197966252610PESgtRetief D.W.M.1979/09/0619 Squadron SAAF
197970388152PKCaptVelleman P.D.1979/09/0619 Squadron SAAF
197967280305PMCaptStrydom J.J.1979/10/0324 Squadron SAAF, attached to 5 Squadron Rhodesian Air Force
197976413947BCCplWolhuter G.H.L.1979/10/15AFB Pietersburg
198075452961PELtLe Roux E.J.1980/03/2542 Squadron SAAF
198074369828PMLtLeeuw J.H.1980/03/2544 Squadron SAAF
198073387391PKLtSmit P.F.1980/03/2542 Squadron SAAF
198076011261PECOSwart E.S. (Miss)1980/03/25ATC AFB Grootfontein
198074307778PELtWessels C.J.1980/03/2544 Squadron SAAF
198070394770PELtHollis P.H.1980/04/258 Squadron SAAF
198073215824PESgtCilliers J.D.1980/06/2317 Squadron SAAF
198074292442PKLtStanbury D.G.1980/06/2544 Squadron SAAF
198072440332PM Lt Lautenslager V.P. 1980/09/128 Squadron SAAF
198082244443BG Amn Van Zyl H.F. 1980/09/18AFB Hoedspruit Fire Section
198074324500PMLtVolkersz S.1980/10/103 Squadron SAAF
198176411636BGL/CplWalsh P.L.1981/01/25Air Force Gymnasium
198176340843PE L/Cpl Pienaar L. 1981/05/10AFB Pietersburg
198177386993PE Lt Van der Wath J.J. 1981/05/2942 Squadron SAAF
198179469367BGPteDu Plooy R.B.1981/08/012 Squadron SAAF
198173348260PMLtRoos J.G.1981/08/2517 Squadron SAAF
198175540740PESgtStacey C.1981/08/2587 Helicopter Flying School SAAF, attached to 17 Squadron SAAF
198178419827BGL/CplPlateel M.A.1981/08/28Medical Training Command
198101504943PA Maj Van der Merwe W.A. 1981/09/1221 Squadron SAAF
198170159124KVCaptMalcolm N.J.1981/09/26104 Squadron SAAF
19815100250PE WO1 Flemmer E.L. 1981/09/291 Air Depot
198170331103PESgtLamprecht D.F.1981/09/2919 Squadron SAAF
198176450212PELtO'Connor D.1981/09/2919 Squadron SAAF
198271348015PE F/Sgt Dalgleish K.G. 1982/01/0519 Squadron SAAF
198271423784PE Lt Earp M.J. 1982/01/0519 Squadron SAAF
198270535448PK Capt Robinson J.A. 1982/01/0519 Squadron SAAF
198268358688PEF/SgtWilliams J.1982/01/1915 Squadron SAAF
198282702705PPLtHughes R.R.1982/05/066 Squadron SAAF
198270548300PEMajKotze E. (SD)1982/06/01AFB Ondangwa
198277397560BDAmnOstrom R.W.B.1982/06/01Air Force Command Post in Windhoek
198273260788PE Lt Janse van Rensburg O.C. 1982/07/1042 Squadron SAAF
198278275658PE CO Roux A.G. 1982/07/103 Squadron SAAF
198273262883PMCaptDe Villiers J.I.T.1982/07/1421 Squadron SAAF
198276318641PELtGoldstein L.1982/07/1421 Squadron SAAF
198277011971PEF/SgtNiemand A. (Miss)1982/07/1421 Squadron SAAF
198267428813PE F/Sgt Grobler C.N. 1982/08/0931 Squadron SAAF
198276354612PE Lt Pietersen C.W. 1982/08/0931 Squadron SAAF
198273275349PK Capt Twaddle J.G. 1982/08/0931 Squadron SAAF
198273423147PK Lt Brits C. 1982/11/0841 Squadron SAAF
198275000646PEMajBondesio M.A.1982/11/3035 Squadron SAAF
198376392000PE Sgt Van Zyl P.P 1983/02/18Western Air Command
198376468552PELtChinery B.C.1983/07/1240 Squadron SAAF
198377251106PELtJacobs L.1983/08/0840 Squadron SAAF
198378435450PEL/CplTerburgh P.J.1983/08/0840 Squadron SAAF
198379462594BGPteHuman J.B.1983/10/20School for Logistics Training SAAF
198381300436BGAmnHaupt W.1983/10/25250 Air Defence Artillery Group
198378460649PELtShort T.D.1983/11/166 Squadron SAAF
198569011294PESgtGouws W.J.1985/01/28AFB Hoedspruit
198574402892PSLtRodel R.R.1985/02/124 Squadron SAAF
1985.CaptMcLeod C.1985/06/0640 Squadron SAAF
198605547849PEF/SgtBloem E.M.1986/07/1631 Squadron SAAF
198667412759F/SgtEngelbrecht H.A.P..1986/07/25AFB Rooikop
198683102160KVCOSnyman C.H.1986/08/16101 Squadron SAAF
198685452134BG Amn Le Roux E.J. 1986/10/06Lowveld Airspace Control Sector at AFB Hoedspruit
198783326645BGAmnLucarne C.A.1987/01/13508 Security Squadron
198783289371BGAmnVan Rheede van Oudtshoorn N.W.J.1987/02/24AFB Grootfontein
198777330108PESgtLan D.1987/03/3016 Squadron SAAF
198776593862PSCaptNelson B.M.1987/06/17Central Flying School
198776273861SPCaptVergottini R.H.1987/06/17Central Flying School
198779468609PSCaptVorster B.J.1987/07/207 Squadron SAAF
198782430414PSLtGlynn R.W.1987/09/0342 Squadron SAAF
198781559502PSCaptStapa A.A.1987/11/14AFB Ondangwa
198872302342PMMajEvery E.R.1988/02/201 Squadron SAAF
198870334258PEMajVan Coppenhagen J.W.1988/03/191 Squadron SAAF
198865664575PEMajRandall C.I.1988/05/08SA Air Force Headquarters
198986020047KVL/CplSaayman B.L.1989/04/18110 Squadron SAAF
199076463298PSCaptDe Jongh C.1990/02/1517 Squadron SAAF
199068232560PE Cmdt Orr J. 1990/03/282 Squadron SAAF
1990 LtDiggle E.D.1990/09/1242 Squadron SAAF
199083486357PSLtMcGuinness S.J.1990/09/2342 Squadron SAAF
1993 CaptJoubert L.1993/11/231 Squadron SAAF
199486403821PSLtEsterhuizen G.H.1994/02/1042 Squadron SAAF
199487775755PECplAugust B.P.1994/07/30515 Security Squadron, AFB Louis Trichardt

Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET
Images from 'Grensoorlog' series, produced by Linda de Jager, reproduced with kind permission from MNET

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