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Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA)
Structures of the Armed Forces of the MPLA
Forming of the MPLA

The MPLA (Movimento Popular de Libertaçào de Angola – Popular movement for the liberty of Angola), were formed in 1956 in Luanda during a secret meeting of some anti-imperialistic groups. (D.M. Abshire and M.A. Samuels, “Portuguese Africa. A Handbook”, p. 391.) The most prominent of these were the Partido da Luta Unidade dos Africanos de Angola – PLUA (Party for the united struggle of the Africans of Angola) which itself evolved from a number of other movements. Very prominent was the Partido Comunista de Angola – PCA (Angolan Communist Party), which was really a branch of the then illegal Portuguese Communist Party – PCP.

“Portuguese colonialism cannot be defeated without revolution. That is why there remain only one road to freedom for the Angolan nation – that of...

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